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A betting vice president bettingsports lotterysweepor office pool if done pool betting definition work, is a form of gamblingspecifically a variant of parimutuel betting influenced by lotterieswhere gamblers pay a fixed price into a pool from which taxes and a house "take" or "vig" are removedand then make a selection on an outcome, usually related to sport. In an informal game, the vig is usually quite small or non-existent. The pool is evenly divided between those that have made the correct selection. There are no odds involved; each winner's payoff depends simply on the number of gamblers and the number of winners. True parimutuel bettingwhich was historically referred to as pool betting, involves both odds calculations and variable wager amounts.

T-betting system auburn vs arkansas 2021 betting line

T-betting system

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Всё, Вот what if you bet on every horse in a race прав

It works out as a rating of Anything above is classed as a value bet. Another example of how this can be done is with a dutching strategy. In this case, you need to find dutch bets between sharp bookmakers and soft bookmakers. You then place your bets on the selection that has higher odds than the sharp bookmaker.

Dunfermlin : Pinnacle 1. You would back Dumfermlin with Betfair Sportsbook at odds 2. Pinnacle have a margin built in too their odds. To work out the value, open the Dutching calculator. As you need to beat the Pinnacle margin, the return needs to be a positive figure for it to be a value bet. This example, a return of 5.

Place enough of those and over the long term you will make a healthy profit. If you use the comparison websites, it takes a lot more time trawling through the events. How can you best make money in this way? There is no need to place a lay bet when you choose this strategy. The bookies pay more for the place than the win-odds imply they should.

If you pay close attention to the difference in the place odds, you can see the loophole in action. The edge using this strategy is massive! The rating is Compare that to the Sporting Bet example above With the value strategy, you simply place a straight back bet on any horse with a rating above Horse racing arbitrage is another way of finding value in your bets. Again, there is no need for a lay bet to be placed. This involves finding a horse that has higher odds than the Betfair lay odds.

With this value strategy, you simply place a straight back bet on any horse that meets the criteria above. What about the idea of value bets on Betfair? When football prices move on Pinnacle sharply then you should back the team on Betfair. Betfair can take a few minutes to catch up. You need to make sure you back before any major moves. Also, you should never chase it. Yet, it still works well and can bring in consistent profits over time.

Should you pay for a value betting system to help you out? If so, which one should you choose to go with? There are a few different options that you might like to look at. One value betting system worth investigating is called Trademate Sports. It is a slick and professional service that has value betting software. They identify good value odds.

They are open about the fact that your bookie accounts can get suspended with this strategy. What about the potential profits? Is it worth it? Are you going to win a decent amount of cash? Their Trademate bot states that there has been a So, their track record is pretty impressive. However, it should be pointed out that it is a fairly expensive system to subscribe to. You will also need a pretty big starting bank.

If you want a safer approach with less risk then there are other systems you might prefer. This one is more suitable for someone who is happy to invest a good deal of money. Having said that, there is a 7 day free trial if you want to test it out. Once you have bonus banned accounts, then you can start looking at value betting. You will make a lot more money hammering the bonuses than you will from value bets. Also, if you choose to work out the odds on your own then it is a fairly long and complicated process.

So, it could suit someone who loves crunching numbers. As we saw earlier, you can also use in-depth knowledge of a certain part of a sport. If you are an expert in a certain field then this is way of using it to your advantage. What about paying for a value betting system? This is clearly a method that takes up less of your time.

It could work for you if you are short of time or just want an easier approach. However, if you use the line grinding approach and place a large enough sample of bets, you are likely to come out with a healthy profit. You will want to be confident of managing your bank roll wisely. All of this means that there are types of value bet strategy for most people. Is it right for you? Hopefully, understanding the different options helps you to make a good decision.

There is no doubt that value bets offer you a way of placing smart bets. This can prove to be a very profitable approach. Plenty of people love to make money with this kind of betting. To work out whether to try it you should consider your goals. Do you want a way of beating the bookies that can work wonders? Do you not mind the risk of losing sometimes? When used well, value betting is a great way of making money.

You might even decide to use it as an addition to other types of betting, for greater variety. If you are fed up losing money to the bookies it is time for a change. Could using the right type of software bring your betting up to the next level? Specifically, can it make your value betting approach more profitable? This is a very tempting idea. With one simple tool you will be advised which bets are likely to be money-spinners.

Value betting software could be exactly what you need. Click here to read the full guide. The big question, will it make you any money? Read my review to find out more. I respect your privacy and will never pass on your email address to anyone else. What about if a strong favourite goes behind in the first half. Then there should be value in backing the draw? Hi Andrew, This is all done pre-match.

There is unlikely to be advantage backing the draw after a strong favourite goes ahead. The ew sniper back only when rating is over Is this a different system to the ew sniper system where you back horses ew and not lay them I assume it is. Hi Mike, I did the bonus bagging and profit maximiser with you a couple years ago and had some success in the form of a couple of grand. I am time poor and not very good mathematically. I also had to have several months off due to health. I have a small bank of only to to start with.

Is this enough and if not how much should I be starting with and does it work if my time is somewhat limited? Advice is appreciated. Just make sure you follow the bankroll advice. What most people do is use the software for 30 minutes — 1 hour per day when the racing is on and place as many bets as possible. Regards Colin. We use use their efficient odds to spot other bookmakers offering value ones.

Where do you find the software to compare the odds for betfair v pinnacle? Hi Mike, what about the right time to place bets using the each way strategy? Does not matter? Because you reported 10 am for the win market! Which software of yours did you use for the Betfair Value Bets section, where it shows Betfair and Pinnacle odds in green and orange boxes?

It that Betfair Renegade or Sniper, or neither? Enjoyable read. This is how you profit from Value Betting. Home Betting This is how you profit from Value Betting. Betscape Review — Does it work? Subscribe For Free Lessons. Comments November 7, at am. Mike Cruickshank. November 7, at pm. Have I got it? The purpose of this test is simple. Remember, no bet increase allowed. I met with Frank the next day. He had followed our plan to the letter.

He showed me the results. And, you played by the rules, right? The answer — 77 minutes. Cumulative Win. This record is pretty easy to follow. It shows that he played 22 games of roulette online using T-Betting. He won 21 out of 22 games which is close to our long-term average. What is most impressive is how little bankroll is needed to do what Frank did. I asked Frank for any comments he had. I took breaks about every six or seven games.

I asked him. How did you track these games? Is there anything we should do to improve the system? It is just about perfect as it is. Many players have had the feeling when they are playing online that the casino learns their betting pattern and then beats them.

I have had more than one player tell me that they won at first and then the casino starting beating them. While there is no evidence that this is really taking place, if you believe that it has happened to you then the best cure is to learn T-Betting.

With this system there is no fixed betting pattern. If you watched one of our T-Bettors playing, you would not be able to figure out the system. Just when you thought you had a handle on it, our player would make the opposite move. It may seem strange that a system based on uncovering underlying patterns in a game of chance has no patterns of its own.

You can think of it this way —. Since T-Betting is designed to find trends that no one else can see, its own betting system resembles chaos and is undetectable! As strange as it may seem, T-Betting creates its own undetectable betting pattern. Huge Returns Off Small Investments! Even dollar bettors pull in big wins with the power of T-Betting! Minimum Bets. Average Hourly Net Winnings. Game Bankroll. Most of the players using this strategy will start out small and increase the size of their minimum bets as their winnings grow.

Then you would move to the next level. It is deadly in land-based games! I was in my bank a few days ago and noticed they were offering 1. Before you pull out all of the money you have hidden under your mattress and rush to my bank, let me offer you a different deal. Your return per hour will average If you could get This is a tremendous return on your investment.

If a bank offered this kind of money, they would quickly go broke because it is just not possible to legally pay this kind of interest. However, there is a legal way to earn much more than You can make this much every hour you play roulette online using T-Betting!

Want to earn a high return? Try a return of As soon as we validated T-Betting's extraordinary ability to win at roulette, we started testing the system at baccarat and craps as well. Since baccarat and craps offer even-money bets it was easy to apply T-Betting to these games as well. T-Betting Simply Overwhelmed Baccarat! Our Dynamic Betting Strategy gained an even stronger edge over baccarat than it did over roulette.

Our profits were very high. T-Betting is the fastest and highest winning baccarat strategy we have ever seen! The winning rate at craps is a little slower than at roulette or baccarat. We suggest that you use T-Betting as your primary craps system and overlay it with a system designed to win on numbers. T-Betting overcomes the house edge by winning a higher percentage of its bets.

Do you like blackjack? How would you like to be able to win like an expert card counter without all of the hassle? T-Betting performs like card counting systems are supposed to perform. T-Betting proves that they are dead wrong! T-Betting simply outplays the casinos games with its ability to predict the outcomes of bets! Because T-Betting is the best method ever developed to exploit pattern recognition, it finds patterns in casino games that can be played. Our trend betting approach beats the games so soundly that there is no doubt whatsoever that this system is overcoming the house edge at roulette, blackjack, baccarat and craps.

We just completed extensive testing of roulette and we are in the process of wrapping up our testing of the other casino games. I can tell you without any qualms at all that this system beats these games cold. First it wins a high enough percentage of its bets to beat the house in terms of the number of bets won.

Then our Dynamic Based Betting System multiplies this advantage many times! Quite frankly there is no reason to release this system. We can make as much or more than we make from distributing copies of this manual by simply playing the system ourselves. He has proposed a partnership where he and I play the system and split profits.

All of his student-testers signed non-disclosure agreements and he is quite confident that we can keep this system sealed and secret at least for a while. First, there is no such thing as a system that can be kept secret. Sooner or later one of the student-testers is going to talk to someone else.

With the advances being made in T-Betting, it is just a matter of time before someone else discovers how to use T-Betting to overcome the house edge in games of chance. And, once they do, the secret will be out. Right now, the professor is not too happy with me. However, I would still like to give a few players the chance to gain the unbeatable edge of T-Betting at a much lower cost! We have decided to release a limited number of copies of this system. You may qualify for a very Special Deal!

This is a limited offer. But wait! How to use T-Betting to win at roulette, blackjack, baccarat and craps! Then it multiplies the profits using a powerful new betting system! How to set up our proven Dynamic Betting System and use it to multiply your profits as you play! How to ride winning trends much like card counting tries to do to bring in huge wins in short winning bursts in a method exclusive to T-Betting! How to use the power of Trend-Based Betting to rapidly recover from losing bets as you quickly regain a strong edge over the house!

How to use the power of player advantage play to win larger amounts that the experts ever believed possible! We have used this system to beat roulette in both online and land-based versions. There is no question whatsoever that once you gain the power of T-Betting, you will play at an advantage over the house. Then, we expanded this system to the games of blackjack, baccarat and even craps.

This system has been used by real players to win huge amounts of money! They have beaten the casinos in both online and land-based games. A complete strategy manual. The manual is filled with examples of how the system works along with easy to follow explanations. Each card reveals the details of the bets you will make and how to use Dynamic Pattern Recognition. T-Betting Tracking Forms. These are the same forms our testers use when they play and win.

These forms are so good that your play will be almost fully automatic! There is no question that T-Betting is going to revolutionize casino gambling! If you order right now you will also receive 15Terrific Bonuses. Every roulette bet is covered in detail including how to make the bet and the payoffs. Even if you are a roulette pro, you will find this manual an invaluable source of roulette facts! Online roulette play offers blistering profits if you know what you are doing!

This manual takes you through all of the rules of online play for both American and European roulette. This manual tells you everything you need to know about craps! You will find the information here worth its weight in gold! You'll learn:. Free and download it instantly as part of the extraordinary T-Bettor Winners' Package!

This manual shows you how to play craps online so that you can quickly use online play as a source of sky-high profits you can grab whenever you want! Are you a little rusty on all the rules of blackjack? Here's just some of the information you'll get in this fact-filled manual -. A simplified playing strategy you can use to make yourself "instantly deadly. Complete examples on how blackjack hands should be played and how you can use this information to your advantage. How to avoid common playing errors.

The best places to play blackjack. How to detect and avoid casino cheating. Why casinos put the heat on certain blackjack players and how to eliminate this risk! Everything you need to know about card counting and why it can be hazardous to your financial health. Are you eager to get started using T-Betting online?

Everything you need to know to get started playing online safely and profitably! How to pick the best online blackjack games. Specific information for US players about playing online. Online payment methods available for US players as well as players outside the United States.

How to keep records of your online play. Bonus blackjack playing strategies for online play. Recommended winning strategies. Not sure that you want to gamble online? Are you still a little concerned about playing in a land-based casino after practicing online? What can you expect from either experience? We answer these and a whole lot more questions comparing online and brick and mortar casinos.

This report is a real eye-opener! Before you sign on to a single online casino, you need to read this. This is a good read. The T-Betting System comes with a complete set of custom Player Cards you can take with you when you play. Our student-testers used these cards and found them invaluable. There is a card for each level of play. Each card shows:.

The Seven Bet Matrix for that level of play. A brief s ummary of how to manage your bets to maximize your profits. The students loved these forms! I never play without it! It shows you where to bet, how much to bet and helps you keep track of your winnings. It is an essential tool! You will get sample tracking forms showing how they are used as well as blank forms, ready for your use! Let me give you an example of why this information is critical if you want to move up to professional level online play —.

This is obviously the big time as far as online casino play goes. Once you have this exclusive insider information these kinds of winnings will be as close as your home computer. Another casino is a favorite with US players because it offers generous bonuses and accepts just about any kind of action you like.

Best of all, all of the casinos are large enough that you can play and win with virtually no heat because you are a winner! This casino will become your number one choice on where to play and win at online gambling. This casino offers the best online odds for craps, roulette, mini-baccarat and roulette and is backed up by the best online software company.

This casino offers no-hassle practice games. And, you can always practice more, with no money risked, even after you start playing for real! This casino offers the best online support — bar none! Not only can you reach the casino personnel easily by email, they answer their phones quickly.

Here, the in-house staff is knowledgeable and understands online gambling very well. I know you will appreciate the difference. This casino not only accepts US players, it welcomes them. And, this casino is not in some third world country — it is headquartered in Canada. If you live in the US and are frustrated by restrictions on US customers — try this one. I know you will like it!

And, there is no limit to the size of the bonus. And, when you play using T-Betting, all of your play counts towards your earning your bonus. This is a straight-forward and out-and-out great bonus program! The casino is full service. It offers the best of online casino games. But, it also has a world class sports book. And, if you like poker, you will love their online poker rooms. I thought I would save the best for last. What a great way to get started as a winning T-Betting player!

We have played in all of these casinos and had outstanding results using the T-Betting! Only the best made this list. And, only casinos which were highly profitable made it to the finals. Then we cut the list of recommended casinos down even more!

If any of our players had had any problems whatsoever with the casino, we cut it from our list. We took a hard look at the type of software used in each casino. We determined which software offered us the best chances of winning. We even compared notes on what it was like to deal with each casino. Could we get in touch with a real human being if we had a problem or a question? How fast did they answer emails? Could we talk to someone on the phone?

Were we able to win consistently? How large were our wins? And finally, we asked the million-dollar question —. When we won, how hard was it to get our winnings paid to us? Only the casinos which met or surpassed our requirements of high profitability, friendliness and absolute integrity are included in this hand-picked list of our number one picks!

What's more, because my students and I have played there before you and have won and been paid, you can be very sure that when you play and win, you will be treated fairly and quickly have your winnings sent to you whenever you request them. This is like no information ever compiled about online casinos before.

And, they are the casinos that offer us the most profits using T-Betting! This information alone is priceless. But, it is my gift to you just for taking a look at this proven high performance strategy! How to turn your local casino into your number one source of dependable cash — anytime you choose to make a withdrawal!

Are you ready to win a fortune using T-Betting? Click Here! Win at craps, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, slot machines, video poker and three-card poker! Win an incredible Pull in consistent profits every day playing advantage video poker!

Then this strategy is for you! Aaron R. About a week ago I got this email from Aaron:. It has been the most interesting project I have had in grad school and the only one I made money doing. As instructed I only played European Roulette because it offers better odds with only one zero on the wheel.


When you succeed the you, 3, only two, 6 system bets, you actually continue back in the beginning of the particular betting pedal and side bet your one unit once more. Leave this online game when you are proud of your profits before endangering losing the entire thing, and stop playing if you find yourself for the long giving up streak. When you eliminate any of the wagers you need to retreat to the beginning of the particular bets system routine.

You feel by yourself on a earning streak with the fourth gambled in the pattern which will supply you with huge profits, however , anyone unfortunately reduce this bet. You need to repeatedly bet your solo unit unless you win, plus the next wager you go here we are at wagering 2 units, and so on So if you eliminate your a person unit think 4 occasions in a strip for example , plus the fifth time you earn, you can then gamble three times the bet around the next round of table bets.

Similar to most players, maybe you are wondering in regards to the risks that you just much you can expect to lose. If you happen to lose the earliest bet, a person lose 1 unit, of course, if you lose the 2nd bet, you can actually lose two units, when the third gamble loses you continue to make a profit and you break even using the loss of the fourth bet. There are either good and bad aspects to consider when using the Betting Method at your favorite online casino.

Be sure to know what these are before you start trying to play. When you carry out your favorite adventure using the betting method you can almost instantly follow the tactic without getting lost counting and using complicated statistical equations. A person have a huge bankroll in order to use this system since you can easily use the money from your earnings in order to put the 6 system bet, and likewise start gambling with very tiny quantities.

Or, maybe you can win the TV contest. Instead, you can become a skilled T-Bet Roulette player! I had never played roulette before and now I am winning every time I play! I play three or four times a week. Cindy H. I make very consistent profits trading stocks. I am not a day trader. The prices of most stocks move up and down in patterns of price changes.

You can see this if you look at a chart of almost any stock. I have found that the most consistent way to profit from changes in prices is to trades Win-Loss Trends! Trading Win-Loss Trends of stock prices is the secret behind most of my success trading stocks.

The way I do it is a rock solid way of making money that almost no one else knows about! I have been very successful winning at blackjack using a system I developed. I often take breaks from blackjack and play roulette just to unwind. However, I have struggled for years to find a system that was really effective at winning at roulette. One day I was looking at pages of recorded roulette numbers in a book I had purchased and it occurred to me —.

It took me several weeks of hard work studying the game before I unlocked the secret of Playing WL Trends in Roulette! Once I discovered how to find winning WL Trends I quickly learned that I could develop a decisive edge over any roulette game! My theory was working out pretty well in practice but it still needed fine tuning —.

Reading the Player's Manual and learned how to use it in about an hour. Many thanks. Ross T. Professor Z teaches statistics in a university and he had helped me before to resolve trading or gambling problems. I told him about my theory of playing the WL Trends in roulette and he thought for a while. He suggested that I contact L. Are you sure he can help me with roulette? I set up a meeting in the casino coffee shop in a nearby casino.

I wanted L. We met at the casino entrance and walked through the casino on the way to the coffee shop. We stopped in front of the roulette table and watched the wheel for a minute. I directed his attention to the numbers posted on the sign above the table. As you can see even in this small group of numbers one number repeated.

This is the crux of my problem. I need to learn the best bets for catching numbers or groups of numbers that are most likely to repeat. As we walked over to the coffee shop L. Now we want to know how to set up bets to catch numbers that repeat. I nodded. Quickly Grasps the Problem - I explained to L. And, even more importantly grouped numbers will show. What is that? I gave him an explanation of the full power of roulette WL Trend Betting.

To win it takes more than single bets on individual numbers. The wagers must cover related numbers as well. I pulled out my notebook and showed him how related numbers would show time after time. His enthusiasm increased along with his understanding. After I just stared at him he explained. Is that right? I told him I thought so. He asked about the bets that were possible in roulette. I gave him a book on roulette and even suggested some roulette software he could use to generate numbers and try out betting combinations.

As we walked out of the casino L. It has given me the idea of using roulette as a basis of developing a practical way to apply my theories to a physical event. I nodded again as if I understood. This has really changed my life.

I am now playing in two online casinos a couple of hours a day. You have never failed to answer my questions. Hal N. D evelops T-Bet s! I was starting to wonder if he was doing any work at all on the roulette project when I got his email —. Meet me at the usual place tomorrow. When I got there he was no where to be seen. After about fifteen minutes I asked the waitress to hold the booth for me and I headed back out to the casino. I watched him put out two bets consisting of chips covering from six to twelve numbers.

He won his second bet and the dealer moved a large pile of chips to one of his wagers. As she slid the chips over to his side of the table he finally looked up. I smiled. Or, do you want to play some more? Am I late? It looks like you are doing alright.

He colored up and stuffed a couple of piles of hundred-dollar valued black chips in his pockets. He started talking a mile a minute and I placed my hand on his arm. We have all the time we need. He started out reaching for his notebook then realized he had left it in his car.

Show me what you were doing to pile up all those chips back at the table. He went on to explain how he had tested all kinds of different bets to catch the TR Trends of roulette. What did you come up with? He explained how he had found one roulette wager that worked pretty well. I was still missing something.

Those bets you were making while I was watching you play seemed pretty effective. I ended up combining bets that create a formation sort of shaped like a "T. At this point I was starting to follow him. His eyes lit up. He went on to explain the system on a stack of napkins the waitress brought. I have been playing in two nearby casinos on weekends. Kelly C.

I played roulette using the Special T-Bets several times in the next two weeks. I played several marathon sessions at Sandia as well as at two other local casinos. I played for hours online keeping track of every bet. After two weeks, I summarized my play and did some calculations —. However, I knew something was still missing. And since the components of the T-Bet was variable I had yet to determine the best way to set up the bet.

I decided to see the Professor again. Is That About It? I meet Professor Z in his office the next day. I brought a notebook filled with the results of my testing with me and explained the problem to him. I talked some more giving him some examples of how I thought the bets could be improved. He sat back in his chair and stared at the ceiling for a minute. Is that about it? Maybe you can look at L. He wagged his finger.

You just want to win more. I thought for a minute he might be angry. He tapped his fingers on his paper covered desk. However, the logic of this system is inescapable — it finds winning numbers and then beats the game. I have been using it over a month and I have never lost. Charles E. About ten days later the professor asked me to meet with him again. I was afraid he might have set the project aside or even given up on finding ways to improve the system.

We met again in his cluttered office. I glanced at a chair covered in books. He came around the desk, cleared a spot on his table and started showing me what he had discovered. No need to change them. But you have issues with both duration and the number of bets. He explained how he had developed a simple system for determining how long to leave each bet in place and when to add additional bets.

As he showed me how his system of bets worked together another thought occurred to me. He nodded. He showed me his unique betting strategy and how it all fit together. He looked at me funny. I built you a Rational Bet Sequence. Then your RB Sequence ties it all together. He looked pleased. I followed your plan for Internet play and it works. I run my winnings up to the maximum amount that I can withdrawal, withdraw my winnings and then switch to a different casino.

Nath W. I visited with L. He caught on right away and wanted to go try it out the next day. I suggested he try another local casino, Santa Ana Star. He said he planned on going Friday. I wished him the best and told him to get back to me. We met there at and this time he remembered to bring his notebook. We got a table in the back room which was less crowded and he showed me how he had done at Santa Ana.

I asked. He explained and I was impressed with his ingenuity. I reviewed his notes. I told him it looked perfect. And it was. Look at my win rate. I reviewed his notes and noted that he had never failed to win a series of bets designed to catch a number.

I asked L. Some of these smaller casinos are pretty sensitive to winners and I wanted to know if he had been harassed. One boss asked me if I would give private lessons on how to play. Based on L. One of my reasons for recommending Santa Ana to L. As usual I had no losing sessions. I wanted to let you know that in addition to playing online I am planning a trip to Las Vegas. I will play in two of the casinos you recommend. It has been the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Marc T. The Santa Ana Star is about a twenty-minute drive from where I live. While it is a friendly casino I was not sure how they would react if I was too successful. My plan was simple-. I got there and noted that their single-zero wheel was not active. There were a couple of players at their double zero wheel but the single-zero wheel had the glass cover down covering the wheel and chips.

I walked over to a floor person and asked if I could play on the single-zero wheel. He assured me I could and in about ten minutes he produced a dealer and opened the wheel. I got the wheel set making a couple of neutral bets so that I would have a couple of numbers to prime the system. Unlike other systems which require watching and recording numbers, with T-Bet Roulette you can start playing almost immediately. If I had walked up to a wheel that was already active I could have launched the system from round one.

With no prior spins I used my priming technique and then I started setting up T-Bets. I used L. Two spins later I hit my first winning Jackpot. T-Betting sets up strings of bets to catch numbers that appear in a WL Trend. This was my first Winning Jackpot Bet! I continued setting up T-Bet s hitting numbers time after time. I had started playing about am.

I followed this by a short walk around the property and by the time I reentered the casino I was ready for my second session. I continued to follow T-Bet Roulette's perfected winning plan. I would set up T-Bets designed to catch the numbers most likely to repeat. As I continued to win, I felt less like a gambler and more like a fisherman using a carefully constructed net that never failed to catch fish. My bankroll continued to grow as win after win piled up. Once or twice the casino boss who had opened the table for me came up and watched my play.

After that they left me alone as I continued to pull in winnings. Time passed quicker than I realized. It was almost when I decided to quit for the day. It took the cashier awhile to close me out. She had to call a pit boss who verified that I had been playing at roulette table number two. I returned the next morning to complete my experiment. The roulette wheel with two zeros had two players and the wheel with one zero was closed down again with the wheel covered.

I found a different floor person who seemed reluctant to open the table. By noon I definitely needed a break from the casino. I made the short drive back to Santa Ana to see how much more I could win that afternoon. When I came back the table was still open and it had a single player while the less advantageous table with the double-zero wheel had three players. They had changed dealers so that I had to break in another dealer to my style of making T-Bets covering multiple numbers.

The system continued to perform without fail. My first winning coup took three spins of the wheel to complete. The next one followed two spins later. Once again piles of chips where moved from the dealers side to my side of the table. By now my winnings were getting so large that the floor boss had to call for additional chips two times. He told me this had never happened at roulette and he scrutinized my play before walking off. I was now pushing the house limits on some of my bets and before long I had two bosses watching my play and whispering to each other.

He was just worried about how bad his daily report would look since I was winning so much. He as much as asked me to come back later so that whatever damage I caused the casino would be on a different shift and affect a different casino employee.

I told him not to worry that I was just about ready to quit. I had been keeping rough tabs on my winnings and knew that I had done well. Here is how I did -. Harry S. I told L. Since I had much more experience playing in Las Vegas he looked to me for guidance and we flew out the following week.

I had booked us rooms at Caesars Palace which put us in the center of the places I wanted to play. We arrived and checked into Caesars and then I told L. We walked out the front door of Caesars into the stifling heat of Las Vegas on a summer afternoon. After a short walk we reached Paris and I explained to L.

Your success is our goal! If you need help we are here! We are serious about you winning! We were the only players at the game and L. We need a break anyway. As we headed to the Monte Carlo I explained the plan. By now L. We had a great meal at Wicked Vicky. After eating more than we should have I said,. That was just the start of a spectacular run at the Monte Carlo!

I started playing with it two weeks ago and I have had a great success —. Playing roulette pays so much better! Morgan A. There was something about playing at the Monte Carlo that pleased both of us. Later I told him that she was probably as interested in his consistent and often large tips as she was in him. I liked the atmosphere. There was something about the place that made me feel like I was playing in the old Vegas when the Rat Pack carried on at The Sands and Benny Binion still ruled The Horseshoe with an iron hand.

I think our impressions were kicked into high gear by our winnings. Of course when we returned she was still there and low on chips again. I decided not to watch as she slipped another stack of chips into her purse. After another couple of hours play I was beat. It was now p. We asked the dealer to color us up and I asked for security to escort us to the cashier. We had way too much to walk around the casino on our own. We cashed in. When we started playing at Aria we had deposited most of our money with the cashier and now it was time to get ready to go home.

We had complimentary meals courtesy of the casino and I ordered prime rib prepared the way I like it. Did you think we would have a perfect trip. Las Vegas has a way to chewing up and spitting out the best of players. We owe a lot to this system. We ordered some wine and drank a toast to T-Bet Roulette — the most powerful gambling system we had ever experienced! I live in Las Vegas and I have played roulette for over 20 years. No other system comes close to this one. This is the easiest money I have ever made.

Joe F. At this point I was more than satisfied that T-Bet Roulette was the answer to beating roulette consistently with win after win piling up. However, Professor Z and L. I suggested that they just use the roulette software I had given them which simulated roulette decisions and play the system for several million or billion spins. However, the Professor was not convinced. I prefer real world outcomes especially with games of chance. I gave them my blessing to do whatever testing they wanted.

However, I did insist that any players they recruited sign non-disclosure agreements. I had my own lawyer draft the agreements to make sure they were iron tight. Play Roulette as a Business!