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A betting vice president bettingsports lotterysweepor office pool if done pool betting definition work, is a form of gamblingspecifically a variant of parimutuel betting influenced by lotterieswhere gamblers pay a fixed price into a pool from which taxes and a house "take" or "vig" are removedand then make a selection on an outcome, usually related to sport. In an informal game, the vig is usually quite small or non-existent. The pool is evenly divided between those that have made the correct selection. There are no odds involved; each winner's payoff depends simply on the number of gamblers and the number of winners. True parimutuel bettingwhich was historically referred to as pool betting, involves both odds calculations and variable wager amounts.

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Kristen bettinger greater st. louis area

Louis Education Washington University in St. June - December Pet Food Ltd. January - Present. Baltimore, Maryland Area Sr. Edwardsville, Illinois Graphic Design Intern. January - September Feedback Privacy Policy. Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville. Bill Plaschke. Robert Seguso. Kathleen Madigan. Dewayne Staats. Shelby Steele. Ken Flach. John Shimkus. Mike Banner. Clay Zavada. Pete Delkus. Ed Hightower.

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Job Scientist at SigmaAldrich. March - October Skills Organic synthesis and Hons , General Chemistry. Douglas Gilmore Greater St. Job Experienced Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Technician. Denise Schumann Greater St. Fredi Mulita Greater St. Job Independent Chemicals Professional. Gaynell Renner Saint Louis, Missouri. Jason Doty Greater St. Sigma Aldrich Years March - January Jennifer W Greater St. Sigma Aldrich Years April - February Job Registered Respiratory Therapist.

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Clay Zavada. Pete Delkus. Ed Hightower. Dennis Werth. Jeff Tweedy. Big Show. Stephnie Weir. Ty Margenthaler. Gary Schroen. Alicia DeShasier. Jenny Bindon. Walter Kross. William Enyart. Andy Manar. Thomas Holbrook. Harry Gallatin. Gunjan Bagla. Frank Miles. Eddie Lee Jackson. Brayden Patterson.

Katie Stuart. Spencer Patton. Daniel V. Jeff Cacciatore. Ed Gettemeier. Mike Jones. Don Ebert. Sara Wojcicki Jimenez. Darva Conger. Patrick Clark. Kristiane Naegler. Laila H. S Landreth. Denzel Dean Jines, II. Surya Turaga. Jeff Metherd. Karla Yvette Evangeline Frye. Scott Cant.

Schaefer, 89, passed away January 6, Private services and burial in Memorial Park Cemetery. Gary Leon Forsbeck passed away peacefully surrounded by family, on January 8, , at the age of After completing one year of studies at University […]. Barbara married William Bill Skivers on September 26, He preceded her in death on […].

Roberta Schnitz, 83, passed away January 3, Sue Stone was born on May 7, in Carrollton, Missouri. The daughter of Samantha A. Trusty and Homer A. Bartlett, who preceded her in death along with her grandson, Michael Maybrier. She entered into rest on December 31, in Kansas City, Missouri at the age of She leaves many loved ones behind […].

It was probably the first time in her life that she did anything quietly. She had lived her life with a fire in her soul and in her actions. On December 30th the family […]. Emily Barrette Miller Dorsey, 32, a lifelong Liberty resident, passed away unexpectedly on December 31, She was a graduate of Liberty High School. Emily was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of […]. John Harrison Smith, 71, passed away January 3, He was preceded in death by his parents and sister Marie.

Herbert Walter Stevens, age , died peacefully on December 24, Herb was born May 7, , in Sedalia, MO. She was preceded in death by her parents, her brothers, Eugene and Jules Cellier, her sisters, Marie Runyan and Eleanor Cellier, her first husband, Russell Martin, […].

Joe, MO. But it was his adoptive parents, Joe and Iva Smith, who molded and helped him to become one of the funniest, most genuine, kindest, gentle, and most respectful men to all […]. When 3 years old, she moved to the Kansas City area with her mother, while her father looked for work in Colorado. Adair attended Manual High School […]. Merlyn is preceded in death by her husband, Robert L. Cain, Jr. She is survived by her children Robert R. Cain and wife Sheila, […].

He was the son of Joe H. Joe was a tool […]. At his side were his beloved wife and best friend of 35 years, Robin, and their children. Cheryl is survived by her husband and soul mate of 46 years, John T. Bonnie passed on December 27, , in her home after a brief illness. Carol Fay Maxey, age 74, passed away December 24, Enter at Gate 1.

Due to current pandemic restrictions, Graveside Services will be held in the spring at […]. Robert P. Geisinger, 87, passed away very peacefully in the home on December 26, He is survived by a son and daughter-in-law, a daughter and son-in-law, two granddaughters, two grandsons, two great granddaughters, one great grandson, and two sisters. He is preceded in death by an older sister and a younger brother. Visitation will […]. Delores M. Delores was the oldest child of the late Leroy and Myrtle Johnston Perdue.

She […]. Steve will be remembered lovingly by Beverly, […]. He was preceded in death by his parents, his older sister Lois Claytor and his older brother Mason Lusher. He was […]. He served in the U. Army during the Korean War […]. He attended school in Liberty, was a baptized member of the First […]. On an unusually warm and sunny 22nd day of December, , as the earth ushered in the solstice promise of longer days and increasing light, and the Heavens continued their proclamation of the most beautiful of all seasons, the strongest woman I know decided that this year she wanted to spend Christmas with her mother […].

Allan Claude Olson, 75, passed away on December 19, at home surrounded by his loving family. She passed from this life on Sunday, December 20, in Memphis, Tennessee. Visitation will be at am […]. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made in memory of Barbara Foster to the Alzheimers […].

He was a member of the Army National Guard from until he was honorably discharged in He retired from […]. Richard E. Palmay, former Kansas City firefighter and long-time Kansas City resident, passed away from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, Saturday, December 5, He had struggled with his demons for many years. Richard was born in Houston, TX and moved to Kansas City, Missouri at age 2, where he spent the remainder of his life. Ernesteen Beneta Evans, 92, went home to be with the Lord, in the comfort of her home, after a brief illness, on Friday, December 18, Dana R.

Dana was preceded in death by her parents, Dale and Lydia, her sister Carmen Heard and brother Daniel. Vivian B. Bly, 86, passed away December 16, She was preceded in death by her husband Everett, daughter Shirley, daughter Debbie, son Mark and stepson Alan.

Reverend Wiley J. Sharon Sue Stevens Clagett passed away on December 13, , at the age of Upon graduation, she married […]. On Friday, December 11, , Conrad Smith, loving husband and father of four children, passed away at the age of He served in […]. He […]. His parents preceded him in death. Bill worked many years as a truck driver and Teamster member, and […]. Along with her parents, […].

He was a Crane Operator and member of Operating […]. Visitation will begin at am and the Celebration of Life service will begin at […]. Along with her parents, Donalea was […]. He was surrounded by his loving family at K. Rupp, Jr. Daniel Lloyd Ballmer passed away December 9, surrounded by family. He met his wife Diana at Funhouse Pizza on February 26, where it was love at first sight.

They married September 2, Daniel leaves behind his wife […]. Along with her parents, Debbie was preceded in death by a brother, Dale […]. Henry E. A full obituary will be published and memorial service at Ararat Shrine Temple will be announced when we can gather safely. Her greatest love was music. She had a […]. Wanda J. Interment at a later date in Cravens Cemetery in Camden, Missouri. Wanda was born May 2, in Kansas City and had lived in this area all of her life. She is survived by her husband Richard and son […].

Marthan McCormick, 84, passed away December 4, Private services with burial in Memorial Park Cemetery. George C. Gosney, Jr. Joe completed the 11th grade at Wheatland High School in Wheatland, Missouri, before enlisting and serving in the United States Army, in which during that time he became a veteran of WWII and received an honorable […]. His greatest accomplishment was his family.

Rick lived for his family and always put them ahead of himself. He was a selfless, loving husband, father, and pawpaw. Kathryn Mae Adcock went to be with the Lord on December 5, at p. She was years old, born on July 24, in Kansas City, Missouri. Mildred J. Mildred was a beloved mother, grandmother, great grandmother, sister, aunt and friend to all. George Patrick Leroy Johnston, 56, beloved brother, husband, father, uncle and grandfather was called home to be with the lord on December 2, George was a graduate of Hickman Mills High School.

He worked for many years in the automotive industry at Ace Auto Fabric as an auto upholsterer and sun roof installer, he […]. Sharyn Rose Faulkner Vanderpool, 75, of Warsaw, Missouri, gained her wings on December 2nd, due to complications from the massive stroke she suffered in August Ozell Mayberry, 77, passed away December 1, LeRoy Earl Day, 93, passed away December 1, Private family services with burial in Green Lawn Cemetery.

Mike Krasovec, 73, of Lake Tapawingo, passed away Nov. His wishes were to be buried at Memorial Park Cemetery with no formal service. Mike was preceded by his sister Judy, and parents Art Krasovec and […]. Patricia C. She transitioned peacefully at home surrounded by her children. She worked […]. On Friday, November 27, , Alex Soto, loving son, brother, dog dad and friend to many, passed away at the age of He was survived by his father, Danny, mother, Tracy, sister, Olivia, brother, Salvador, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Along with his […]. Ayr Cemetery, Altamont, MO. Marie was born March 14, , in Gallatin, MO. She was the […]. She was born on May 25, , in Aurora, MO, the youngest […]. Born September 14, in Versailles, Missouri. Went to spend eternity with our Lord and Savior on November 27, at the age of 86 years old with his wife and daughter at his side. Ruth Klingbeil, 90, beloved daughter, wife, mother and grandmother passed away on November 25, She was born to Harold and Jeanne Cable on December 11, She was preceded in death by her husband, Jay Klingbeil and her daughter Sharna Campana.

Shirley passed away peacefully at her home surrounded by family both in person and in heart. Main, Independence, MO; […]. Millie had a great sense of humor, laughed a lot, liked people and loved life. She was extremely generous, always helping others but reluctant to receive assistance or gifts. She was tough, […]. Nancy was born on February 27, , to Lee and Alice Hughes. After high school graduation in , Nancy pursued her passion and obtained her cosmetology license.

Nancy was a loving wife, sister, mother and grandmother. She enjoyed every moment with her family. Robert E. Stroud, 89, of Mission Hills, Kansas, passed away peacefully on November 21, with his family and chaplain by his side. Robert was born April 3, in Granite City, Illinois. He proudly served his country in the Air Force in the early s, where he played basketball and was player-manager of his […]. Memorial services will be scheduled at a later date. He attended Washburn University […].

Buddy W. Visitation will be held am, Saturday Nov. Buddy was born January 1, , in Warrensburg, MO. Jerry D. Marsh, age 83, of Kansas City, Kansas, died November 20, , at his residence. A memorial service is planned for late Spring of due to current pandemic restrictions. Memorial tributes may be directed to American Heart Association. Flowers and cards may be sent to the family home address. Jerry was born June […]. His parents preceded him in […].

He was united in marriage […]. He grew up in Wakenda and attended school there and in Carrollton, MO. He served in the US Army from […]. Rebecca Becky J. Vaughn went to be with her Lord and Savior on November 20, Terry Raley, 56, passed away peacefully on November 19, , at home with family surrounding him.

He met his loving wife Lisa in and they were united in marriage on August 31, Lisa and Terry were best friends, often seen teasing each […]. Jack Milton DeWees, Jr. Jack was born in Portland, Oregon. He spent his many adolescent years in the St. Louis Area. She was born June 2, , in Kansas City, Mo. Alice M. Pugh, 86, passed away November 19, Alice was preceded in death by her husband Robert A. Pugh and her son Brian Pugh.

Survivors include her daughter Sherrie Lindsey and her […]. Born Sept. Clarice Y. Middleton, 59, passed away November 19, Private burial in Memorial Park Cemetery. She was the oldest of four children: Ethel, Elmer, Mary, and James. All but James have preceded her in death. They were married for […]. Billie entered into the arms of our Lord on November 14th, at a.

Billie was 83 years old. Billie L. She was the first child born […]. Graveside services will follow at noon at Glenridge Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, memorials are suggested […]. Even though the battle was long and often hard, she always had a smile and an encouraging word […].

She was united in marriage to Robert Franklin Walker on February […]. Joseph Medical Center, following complications from diabetes and kidney failure. His family moved to Kansas City, […]. Gileann Renee White, age 59, passed away November 9th, after a courageous battle with cancer. She was a Chiefette for the Kansas City Chiefs for […]. She was united in marriage to Edward W. Whiteman on May 27, , and following his graduation […].

Martin K. Carignan, Jr. He was born April 4, , in St. Charles, MO. He retired from CertainTeed, following a career that spanned 51 years. Martin was a member of Roger E. At Ararat, […]. Ginger was born June 30, , at St. Her father preceded […].

A celebration of her life will be held at a later date, when we can gather safely and unimpeded with the people who loved her, the people she loved. Preceded […]. She was a part of a large and loving family. Mattie attended Drew High Training School.

She was very active in all school activities and […]. Marva Jean Crawford Sherman, 77, passed peacefully from this life and went home to join the rest of her family in eternal peace and happiness on Sunday November 8, She later moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma where she attended school in the Oklahoma School […].

Kelvin was born on June 25, , at home in Cameron, Missouri. He was employed for nearly 50 years at Land Specialties in Raytown, Missouri, as a machinist. He enjoyed traveling, maintaining his 40 acres, Royals […]. Marvin E. Watson, 87, a great family man, attended Grandview Assembly for 45 years, an elder of the church, passed November 8, Survived by Norma J. Watson, his wife of 68 years, of Grandview; and children Cindy, Kenny, Bill, Tammy, Pam and spouses; eight grandchildren and ten great grandchildren.

Graveside services will be 11AM, […]. Isybelle Jones-Smith passed on November 5th, from Coronavirus at the age of She lived a Christian, clean and healthy life. Two of the most kind and decent men […]. Claudette was an active member of St. Francis de Sales Church in […]. He was a simple, hard-working, family […]. Evelyn Marie Golden was born on October 17, She was born in Kansas City, MO. She had two brothers John Junior and William and then his sister Roberta.

She met her husband Grover Lee Golden cotton and they got married on March […]. Mike graduated from Normal Community High School and went on to complete a […]. Myrtle Lee Warren, , passed away November 4, Myrtle L. She was educated in the […]. Agnes M. Butler, 94, passed away November 3, Services will be private with burial in Leavenworth National Cemetery. Thomas W. Albertson Sr. Funeral services will begin at am. Burial with military honors will be in […]. Joseph Place in Overland Park.

She is survived […]. Earl LeRoy McLaughlin, 73, passed away peacefully on November 5, , at home with family surrounding him. He met his loving wife Jeanne in and they were united in marriage on November 26, They shared a love that could not be described in […].

Lucille Elizabeth Dishong, 91, of St. Joseph, Missouri passed away peacefully on November 05, , with her family by her side, tending to her, during her last days at the Kansas City Hospice House in North Kansas City. She was […]. He graduated from Oak Park High School. Doug was united in marriage on March 10, to his wife, Karen Lynn. William Junior Payne, 89, passed away November 4, Bill is survived by children: Kathy David Wolf and Bill Claudia Payne; six grandchildren and numerous great grandchildren.

Claude C. Waters, Jr. When Josie died December 23, , she left her three sons Claude Jr. She was the eldest of three children of Walter S. Juanita Rosemarie Peterson, 91, passed away peacefully on November 4, Preceding […]. She was She was the third of five children and grew up in the Red Bridge area […].

She was 60 years old. Kathy was born on October 28, in Gladstone, Missouri. She worked for Hallmark for 36 years. She is survived by […]. The middle of five children, Ralph grew up on Cub Lake […]. Leta Louetta Bennett, age 93, entered her heavenly home on Monday, November 2nd, Funeral services will be held at Parklawn Funeral Home on November 6 with a visitation time from pm, memorial service outside at 1 pm, and graveside […]. She was born February 22, , in Goshen, Indiana.

She worked as a hair stylist for Sports Clips in Liberty and Independence. Dolores A. Heselton, 88, passed away October 30, Dolores was born July 25, Survivors include her daughter, Debbie Anderssen; 3 grandsons; and 3 great grandchildren. Services will be postponed until the Spring.

Anne Pifer, age 91, passed away on November 2, Anne was born on January 25, , on a farm in Brookfield, Missouri, the youngest of 8 children of Charles and Edna Burch. When she was a little girl, her family lost the farm during the Great Depression and moved to Kansas City.

In , […]. A live-stream of […]. Sammie Wesson, 96, passed away October 27, He was born November 17, , in Liberty, MO. Harris Van Bibber Harbaugh. Les served in the US Army […]. He honorably served in the U. Air Force from to On April 27, he married the love of his life, Matilda Borkowski.

During their 52 years […]. Sandy was born June 20, , in St. Louis, MO, the daughter of Ethridge V. Pollard Battles. Along with her parents, Sandy was […]. Gloria A. Kenney, 91, passed away October 31, Anyone who knew Larry knew what a great man he was. If you were part of his family, he was your rock. If you were not a part of […]. He worked […]. Frances V. Mentch, years old, passed away peacefully in her sleep in Charlottesville, VA surrounded by her loving family. Her funeral Mass will be at St.

Arrangements […]. Along with her parents, she was preceded in death by siblings, Dave, […]. She passed October 15, Her parents, her husband, one sister, one daughter, one son and three grandsons preceded her in death. Lonnie accepted Christ at a young age. She was an active member […]. She was married to Donald David Moore from December 20, until his death […]. Richard D. Owensby, 71, passed away on the afternoon of Saturday October 24 surrounded by his daughters and wife Sharon Sue Owensby.

He battled brain cancer for over 3 years before peacefully falling asleep. Richard served […]. He served in the US Army from until Joe was united in marriage to Catherine Ann Kerrigan on […]. He was united in marriage to Nola Louise Davis on September 25, Daniel Lee Mills, 67, passed away October 20, Don served in the U. Army from to He graduated from The Signal School and became an […].

Carol J. Hollensbe Harris, 84, passed away October 20, Carol Jean was the first of four children born to Ted and Esther Hollensbe. It is with great sadness that we share the passing of our beloved father and grandfather, William Dietz. At the height of his popularity in […].

Growing up during the Great Depression in […]. Mick is survived and will be forever lovingly remembered by his […]. Alice was born November 15, , in Maryville, MO. She was united in marriage to Roger Dylse Gibson on February 1, Alice was preceded in death […]. Madge L. Myers passed away on Saturday, October 17, She was preceded in death by her parents and her brother, George V.

She is survived by her sister-in-law, Christine Myers of Glenview, Illinois, and her three nieces […]. Visitation pm Oct. Funeral 1pm Oct. Alma J. Davidson, 80, passed away October 17, Johnson Davidson. Private services with burial in Green Lawn Cemetery. Alma […]. Phillip B. Shelton, 81, died peacefully in his sleep October 15, Along with her parents, Mary was preceded in death by eight siblings and […].

Vertis Ambrose, age 96, passed away on October 14, He was married to the love of his life, Jean Bushfield, from April 22, until her death in Donald Lee Ferguson, well known drywall man, 86, passed away October 15, Donald was preceded in death by his son Timothy and his stepson Steve. He spent most of his years growing up in Crosby, Minnesota. Tyler Michael Siebenmorgen, 26, son, brother, friend and father, passed away October 11, Tyler loved home cooked meals, Chiefs football, making people laugh, drinking milk straight […].

James Michael Mickey Hylton, 57, of Bates City, Missouri passed away unexpectedly on October 11th, just hours after the passing of his mother. Mickey had numerous health issues but we think he just died of a broken heart. Sarah Ellis, 78, of Blue Springs, Missouri, passed over into eternal sleep on October 11th , surrounded by her family.

She was the first of 4 children. Sarah is preceded into death by both of her parents. Sarah also lost her […]. Addie Ann McWhorter, 86, passed away October 10, Married Donald L. She was a homemaker, she babysat and ironed for extra income early in her marriage.

She later worked as church secretary […]. Gibbs and Ida Faris Gibbs. Elijah gained his heavenly home September 29, In death he joined his parents, 6 brothers, 1 sister and 1 daughter. He is preceded in death by his wife of 70 years, Monnie Gibbs. He was a member of the […]. Burial to follow services in Memorial Park […]. Hughes, 73, passed away at home, October 6, , in the loving arms of her husband, Ronnie Hughes, and her daughter, Lisa Eaton. She fought a long and brave battle of lung disease, but now she rests peacefully.

Betty was a happy, beautiful, fun, and loving woman. Betty was born April 3, , […]. He was born February 15, , in Minneapolis, MN. Dick served in the U. Navy from until , and following military retirement worked as a Meteorologist for the National Weather Service. He was a graduate of […]. Karyn M. Jefferson, 74, passed away October 7, Karyn was born to Margaret Perry and Robert Oakes. She was a factory worker truck driver trainer for 15 years, later retiring from Sprint as a customer service representative.

Karyn was a devoted Child of God, mother, […]. Wanda Marlene Bingaman Andersen, 89, beloved mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and wife, went to be with her heavenly father on October 3, She spent most of her life supporting her husband, Dick, in his ministry for the […].

John G. Karoutzos, 77, passed away September 30, at his home. Dora Sue Payne, 86, passed away October 4, She was preceded in death by her son Gary Payne. June Anita Pierce, age 96, passed away October 3, Del was the youngest of 8 children.

He might have been the youngest but he was never babied. Charlene passed away peacefully at home surrounded by family. After moving to […]. Lewis Waller Tapp Jr. He was united in marriage to Joyce Wood on […]. A private graveside […]. Smith R. The youngest of 12 children, he was born in Vernon, OK to John […]. Lawrence E. Richard Lee Wakefield, Jr.

Winner Rd. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made […]. J William Pace passed away on September 20, after a long bout with heart disease. Nancy Ann Shubert McKinley, 82, a lifelong Liberty resident, passed away peacefully on September 23, , at Liberty Hospital with family at her side. She was a loving and devoted wife, mother, gardener and a talented musician.

Dorothy Jean Smith Frogge, 87, passed away September 21, The family remembered Dorothy at a private graveside service at Palestine Cemetery respecting her concern for the health and safety of extended family and friends. After graduating […]. Lois C. Copowycz, ne Lombardi , was born in Mt. Connie Lee Sims, 73, of Harrisonville, Mo. Memorial services will be semi-private due to occupancy restrictions of not more than 30 people.

Flowers […]. Ruth M. Emanuel, 92, passed away September 22, Sherry Elaine Barragan, 74, passed away September 22, My Aunt and Godmother, Theresa M. Taylor, slipped into heaven in late September. Left to mourn her passage are sisters Tudy, Berta, Pat and Margie, her caretakers Chris and Charlie, numerous nieces and nephews […].

Doris J. Doris was born November 13, in Decaturville, […]. Robert K. Clemens, Sr. Robert is survived by his four children Robert Jr. He was born on January 10th, […]. Judy was born on July 21, in Dumas, Arkansas. The third and youngest child of Upton and Bonnie Staples.

She is survived by her loving husband David Aull; her three daughters: Debbie, Donna, […]. Wallace L. Johnson, 87, passed away August 29, Edith Giannios, 98, passed away September 14, Edith was born on February 10, in Kansas City, Missouri. She was the daughter of George and Anastasia Baroutas Jianas. Gary Ray Burnside, Sr. He graduated from Westport High School in He went on to work at Metropolitan Community College for 27 years.

He married Ann Louise Gordon on November […]. Graveside services will be at a. Erma was born on September 16, , in Barnett, Mo. She was the first born child of 10 to Louis and Bernice Hicks […]. She married Roy B. Miller on September 8, , celebrating 58 years of […]. Dale E. We celebrate the life and work of Martha Hodge, who was a faithful servant of the Lord until her passing on September 5, , in Sarasota, Florida, 25 days before her 92nd birthday.

Onda was born January 16, in Maryville, MO. Jim served from […]. Billie was born in in rural Mosby, MO, the eldest of six children. Billie leaves behind his wife […]. Mickey Joel Cochran, Sr. Mickey Sr. He was married to Edith July 5th, He worked as an automotive mechanic all his life until retiring in his early sixties. He served in the Army after […]. Everett Shaw was born April 12, in Avondale, Missouri. He lived in […]. He graduated from […].

Born December 14, to Kelley and Opal Scott, Bonnie had 4 children and raised a grandson as her own. She married Robert Buck on August 14, Lover of her Alabama football team and the Chiefs, Bonnie worked as a bookkeeper most […]. He married Donna Miller on September 8, , and they would have […]. Patricia M. Smith, 76, passed away September 6, Blue Mills Rd. Patricia was preceded in death by her husband, Joseph Smith. Survivors include her sister, Charlotte Fisher, her daughter Lisa […].

She spent her years growing up on a farm in Shenandoah and graduated from Shenandoah High School. She met John […]. He grew up in Macks Creek and graduated from high school there. He was drafted into the […]. Services for Mr. Gust and Alice were very blessed to have seventeen children […]. The visitation will be on Saturday, September 12 from pm to pm with the service starting at pm and the graveside service immediately following at Memorial Park at Hillcrest Road, Kansas City, Missouri, Juanita […].

Jeremy was born June 15, , in St. Witzl Martin. Jeremy grew up in Liberty, MO, where he graduated from […]. Memorials are suggested […]. Stephen W. Marilyn E. She was a school secretary for the Hickman Mills School District before retiring. Marilyn was a member of the Ruskin Heights Presbyterian Church. Burial will be at Leavenworth National Cemetery. Robert Lee McFarland, 95, passed away August 29, He graduated from Stanley High School and entered the U. Navy in at the age of Dorothy worked for Buttonwood Tree for 16 years.

From to , she worked for Yarco Co. Dorothy […]. DeAnn graduated from Lathrop High School in She was united in marriage to […]. Johanna V. Bridge, 60, passed August 14, Johanna was born in a hogan in Lukachukai, AZ on February 14, She was raised in a blended traditional and Catholic home. She moved her family to the Kansas City area to find […].

Jean Wilson, 89, passed away August 23, Visitation […]. Friends and family may visit before the service at AM. Elizabeth K. Arlene was a member of Claycomo Baptist Church.