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A betting vice president bettingsports lotterysweepor office pool if done pool betting definition work, is a form of gamblingspecifically a variant of parimutuel betting influenced by lotterieswhere gamblers pay a fixed price into a pool from which taxes and a house "take" or "vig" are removedand then make a selection on an outcome, usually related to sport. In an informal game, the vig is usually quite small or non-existent. The pool is evenly divided between those that have made the correct selection. There are no odds involved; each winner's payoff depends simply on the number of gamblers and the number of winners. True parimutuel bettingwhich was historically referred to as pool betting, involves both odds calculations and variable wager amounts.

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Semi electronic bettingen germany

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The findings are different tools in stone, bone and antler and were excavated by M. Richter between and Some of them are unique and do not have similarities with other European Magdalenian portable art objects. The horse has an erected ear and a tail extended backwards. Figure 11 - a, b - Kniegrotte Thuringia. Photo H. Figure 11 - a, b - Kniegrotte Thuringe.

According to Bosinski and Feustel it could be a female figure with the probable indication of the head, trunk, arms and legs fig. An enigmatic object in ivory fig. It is often considered as an amulet because of its four perforations at the ends from which two are broken out. In contrary Mania b interprets this object as an owl seen in the front view with its plumage. Fact is, however, that this object has until today no other parallels and that its significance remains unclear.

Figure 12 - Kniegrotte Thuringia. Photo B. Figure 12 - Kniegrotte Thuringe. Figure 13 a, b, c, d - Kniegrotte Thuringia. Arnold, c and d: Jelinek Figure 13a, b, c, d - Kniegrotte Thuringe. Arnold, c et d : Jelinek It is decorated on both sides with an engraving like a taping fig. The exact function of this object also remains unclear.

Figure 14 - Kniegrotte Thuringia. Decorated object resembling a harpoon made in ivory Jelinek Figure 14 - Kniegrotte Thuringe. It is decorated with several engravings fig. There are a rhinoceros with its two horns, an animal which is interpreted as a young musk ox fig.

Rhinoceroses and musk oxen are rarely depicted in the Upper Palaeolithic art Braun ; Braun and Zessin , There is a well-known sculpture of a musk ox head in reindeer antler from the Swiss Magdalenian site Kesslerloch Merk ; Bosinski ; Braun , , c, ; Braun and Zessin Figure 15 - a- Kniegrotte Thuringia. Figure 15 - a - Kniegrotte Thuringe.

This object has no other parallels, too. Figure 16 - Kniegrotte Thuringia. Figure 16 - Kniegrotte Thuringe. Neumann and later by G. Behm-Blanke between and Several settlement structures were discovered and the finding material is highly considerable Bosinski In contrary to the horse engraving on the chisel of the Kniegrotte this horse has a tubular head without indication of an ear. Figure 17 - Oelknitz Thuringia. Figure 17 - Oelknitz Thuringe. The first, 4,7 cm long, has a slightly curved bar-shaped upper part of the body with indication of the breast, a widely overhanging triangular posterior and legs bent backwards fig.

The second one, 3,6 cm long, is only figured with its widely overhanging posterior, the short indication of the upper part of the body and the legs fig. Its shape is astonishingly similar to a figurine of Andernach-Martinsberg fig. Figure 18 a, b - Oelknitz Thuringia. Arnold , b: Jelinek Two pebbles modified to schematic female figurines Jelinek Figure 18 a et b - Oelknitz Thuringe.

Figure 19 - a - Oelknitz Thuringia. Engraved vulva in a sandstone block Jelinek Oelknitz Thuringe. Oelknitz Thuringia. Feustel Bosinski ; Feustel , ; Braun The results of this excavation were published in a monograph by R. Feustel Two ears are carved out at the end. Two circular lines are visible on both sides and represent the eyes. It is a depiction of a horse head. The nearest site with spear throwers of this group is the Kesslerloch fig.

In other cases, for example from the Kesslerloch, the horse head was only reduced to the two ears Bosinski ; Braun , , c, ; Guyan Stefan , b: Feustel Stefan , b : Feustel Figure 21 -. Kesslerloch Switzerland. Fragments of spear-throwers with rudimentary horse head Guyan Figure 21 - Kesslerloch Suisse.

Figure 22 - Isturitz France. Fragment of a spear-thrower with a rudimentary horse head Stodiek These engraved stones were analysed by K. It is engraved very intensely which makes its deciphering difficult fig. In the lower right part of the upper side fig.

The other lines are not clear. On the other side of this pebble fig. On the other side fig. Albrecht and H. Berke There are also other not interpretable engraved lines. It was excavated between and under the direction of R. Feustel Feustel et al. The only portable art object is a carving in ivory fig.

According to Bosinski it differs from the common forms. Hanitzsch Hanitzsch With two portable art objects Groitzsch is until now the only site with portable art in Saxony. On one side there is an engraving of an incompletely depicted, but very realistic horse head looking to the left fig.

The eye is clearly visible. The other side fig. It is less realistic. Figure 28 - Groitzsch Saxony. Small slate plaquette with engraved horse heads on both sides. Photo J. Figure 28 - Groitzsch Saxe. Figure 29 - Groitzsch Saxony. Piece of silicified wood with engraved zigzag line Hanitzsch Figure 29 - Groitzsch Saxe.

It is decorated with a zigzag line on one side. Hanitzsch ; Feustel The female figurines of Nebra and Oelknitz integrate well in the female representations of the Upper Magdalenian in the rest of Europe. Among the animal representations horses dominate which obviously played an important role as a hunting animal as the horse bones in numerous sites show. However, there are also unique objects without parallels to the rest of the Magdalenian Europe.

Stuttgart: Konrad Theiss, p. Paris, Les Belles-Lettres, p. Bonn: Habelt, 92 p. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner, p. Praehistoria Thuringica , 12, p. Djindjian, Oosterbeek, L. In : Cleyet-Merle, J. Ursus — Mitteilungsblatt des Zoovereins und des Zoos Schwerin , 15, p.

Ursus — Mitteilungsblatt des Zoovereins und des Zoos Schwerin , 22, p. In : Bullinger, J. Cahier II: Propulseurs. Nature , , p. Die Fundstellen im Ach- und Lonetal und in ihrer Umgebung. Paris : Armand Colin, p. Stuttgart : Konrad Theiss, p. Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society , 21, p. Jagd- und Sammelstrategien und der Fundplatz bei Saaleck.

In : Meller, H. HAHN J. In : Meller H. Darmstadt : Theiss, p. Blaubeuren : Urgeschichtliches Museum. MERK K.


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