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Publication cannot be guaranteed espe ciall y if submitted e lsewhere All material is subject to revi sion unless the author specifically requests otherwise For timely publication please ob s erve these deadlines : February issue by December I May issue by March 1 August issue by June 1 No v ember issue by September 1 Before submitting material, please see publication guidelines at: www caye-research. The overall map size is roughly 60'x60' We had to abandon the idea of having a billboard printer produce the map mainly due to cost, but also on how to transport it!

We are printing the map on 60" wide rolls oflightweight vinyl material. The Convention staff is allowing us to use the basketball court floor for the display If you are going to be at Convention and would like to volunteer to help out with the map assembly please contact A m. Testing of the material has indicated that the map should last through the traffic ofNSS and be available for display at the CRF 50th Anniversary event to be held at the Hamilton Valley facility.

For more infor mation on the event, see the CRF website www. Two o f t hese appear on the cover. Three others a re on pages 6 and Look closely at each image Y o u will see that they are really composites of individ u a l shots of the people taken in their Viking finest. House also noted that follow-through is important, and that the CRF can accomplish anything that any individual is willing to do. House also noted that he is looking for ward to working with everyone this year.

Groves noted that often the question arises what is CRF? The view is sometimes unclear within the organization, less clear outside the organization Groves underscored a need to communicate the vision for CRF, both within and outside the organization.

Next year is the 50th Anniversary meeting, and other events will be happening. National level expe ditions will invite CRF members from around the country to focus on special projects Groves under scored that we need to work hard to let people know what CRF is in a positive way and that public rela tions are important. Chris asserts the job of being CRF president is easy, as long as things are going well.

And also notes that a new policy has been instituted for the Board, with each member held responsible for a portfolio of tasks and duties Stepping down from the Board are Chris Groves Dick Maxey, and Pat Kambesis, who were thanked their contributions and dedication to the Foundation. Incoming President Scott House has also stepped aside from his former duties as Ozark Operations Manager to focus on his Presidential tasks. Dorman has been at Lava Beds for 13 years, and has been a strong supporter ofCRF throughout his tenure Dorman announced that he will be retiring at the end of this year.

Back then, CRF PAGE 4 was using an old house as a staging center for activi ties, one deemed no longer suitable for government employees. Dorman arrived in , and in dur ing a fire training, the house was burned down. How ever the Park's General Management plan identified a need for a research facility to be constructed in part nership with CRF In April the park completed a fund raising agreement which culminated successfully in , enabling the design to be completed and marking the ground breaking for the new facility.

This project in particular was notable, as it marked the first project that would be funded with non-federal sources. Craig Dorman presented Janet Sowers and Bill Deveroux with a plaque mounted on rock, and dedicated to CRF members and partners who donated time, energy and funds to the new research facility. Following the meeting several presentations were enjoyed.

At LABE a cave is defined as having a length of at least 40 feet, unless it has some other significance. During the recon work 3, acres were covered, with a total of man miles walked. A total of new caves were discov ered, with an additional finds too small to be cate gorized as a cave, but potentially having other signifi cance. This brings the total number of caves in the Park to The studies showed that dust accumula tions were caused by trail materials used in the cave, which are now being retrofitted with trail tread.

Peri Frantz detailed work on the Valentine Cave virtual tour, an interactive exhibit now used in the visi tor center. The virtual tour, built by Bill Frantz using Quicktime for Java, incorporates a cave map with degree photos, sound, and photos. Scott House's program covered Ozark Operations Area activities, including a historical retrospective on project activities.

In the Ozark National Scenic River ways in there were 78 known caves. The area became an official CRF project in the mids. Today over caves have been documented. House also covered activities in the Mark Twain National Forest, Buffalo National River, and also contributions to the Missouri cave database with over 6, entries to date. Chris Groves covered recent karst water research in southwest China, a project that he has been involved in for many years.

The karst area covers nearly , square kilometers, with a population of over million people. Groves provided details on re search and caving activities for the project, which re ceived USAID funding in The overall goals are to create new research facilities including a GIS lab, provide training for Chinese researchers, and to im prove the quality of life and health for the Chinese living on the karst.

Everitt for Fellowship within CRF. Tim has been a valued sketcher at CCNP for many years. Ed carried out an extraordinary engineering feat in the Long Fel low's Bathtub restoration project. Frank Everitt for a Certificate of Merit.

He also helped carry out the extraordi nary engineering feat of carrying it out. Geor ganne consistently leads trips, teaches restoration tech niques, organizes food and is a leader at each expedi tion. William Payne for a Certificate of Merit. William consistently teaches restoration techniques, does visi tor interpretations for hours without complaint and works tirelessly on our newsletter.

John serves as an expedition leader and cartographer for Eastern Operations and has taken on the thankless task of Con tributions Coordinator at the national level. Cheryl works primarily at Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, has attended nearly every expedition since the project's beginning, and has proven to be one of the most productive participants in Gap Cave.

The dedication shown by all of these members reflects great credit on them and on CRF. The above nominations were approved by the Board. Book Review By Danny A. Cave Books, Dayton, Ohio. Paperback, pages, 6" x 9" format, ISBN There are almost as many reasons for why people go caving as there are cavers. Probably they can all be conveniently grouped beneath the general umbrella of three major categories: exploration, professional pur suits, and recreational caving. Of course, no matter one's primary focus, we all share a common love of the underground and there is a varying degree of the ex plorer, philosopher, scientist, and recreational enthusi ast in most all of us.

It is for this reason that Under Plowman's Floor, Richard Watson's thought-pro voking tale of underground exploration, continues to enjoy such wide appeal within the caving community. Originally published in , but recently re released by Cave Books, this work of fiction follows the life of one hardcore expedition caver, from his introduction to caving as a young man through his growing, lifelong addiction to long-duration explora tion in the previously unknown reaches of a huge Ken tucky cave system.

Suggestive parallels can be drawn to early exploration in Kentucky's Flint Ridge Mammoth Cave system. As his protagonist pushes beyond the conventional limits of his own en durance and comes to understand and accept the cen tral driving force that now defines the nature of his life, Watson also touches on some of the personal, political, and philosophical aspects of Fred Lawson's evolution as a caver.

Rather, it follows a somewhat swim-or-sink attitude towards novice training: throw a caver into the deep end of the pool, so to speak, and ifhe doesn't drown and especially ifhe then comes back for more-he probably has what it takes to be a "real" cave i.

To be sure, ifmy own intro duction to caving had been with a group such as Wat son portrays-for whom both responsibility and safety underground seemed to have been only marginally recognized concepts at best-my first trip underground would likely have been my last. On the other hand, maybe this just reflects the fact that I simply don't have what it takes to be a hardcore expedition caver. Although Under Plowman's Floor offers much to interest the non-caving outdoor enthusiast, it might not be an appropriate choice for everyone.

Be that as it may, in sharing your enthusiasm for caving with oth ers, this book might not be a particularly suitable gift for the hesitant, non-caving friend whom you may be trying to tempt underground. Nor is it a text that you would necessarily want to give to a concerned parent or spouse as a way of responding to the common query as to why one goes caving in the first place.

Rather, this work is best appreciated by experienced cavers people already familiar with the many facets of under ground adventure. For the latter, it provides both a nostalgic look at years gone by as well as a look ahead PAGE 6 at the many challenges and breakthroughs that under ground exploration still has to offer.

Under Plowman's Floor has something fundamen tal to offer just about anyone with caving experience, regardless of whether you are just an underground weekend warrior or playa pivotal role in an ongoing major expedition.

It is a well-written and absorbing book, offering readers a suitable measure of heartache and ecstasy, triumph and tragedy. In exploring the wonders, hardships, and sacrifices associated with hard-earned underground discovery, the author high lights what it means to be totally committed to explo ration and to the relentless need to touch the face of the unknown.

It had operated on a shorter, alternate route since mid-November, following water quality concerns for public health. As a precautionary measure, tours into the Historic section were temporarily cancelled; later a shorter version of the tour was opened.

Federal public health regulations in place at that time only addressed bathing beaches, where people would be immersed in water. Public Health Service and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention agreed to set a secondary exposure standard, in line with the Kentucky secondary standard, which is for jet skiing and fishing.

Recent test results have shown that we are well below both the secondary and primary stan dards. The trip to assess and map the cave was cut short when, somewhat to our surprise, we found that there were indeed about Indiana bats in residence.

Instead, the crew mapped a small new cave on the adjoining MTNF property -A von cave was a single simple passage about 35 ft. There was a small cluster of Indiana bats in the entrance tunnel, also plenty of grotto salamanders were present, but the highlight of the trip came when we encountered a troglobitic carabid beetle wandering around on damp wood bait. The beetle strongly resembled the beetle we had earlier collected from Branson Cave, a resem blance that was confirmed by taxonomist Tom Barr.

We therefore expanded the range of this interesting new species from one cave to two. He found that visitation is apparently increasing to this pristine cave Spent batteries were found in the cave, which indicates not only recreational usage, but im proper conservation ethics among some of those visit ing the cave.

The cave had flooded considerably since our previous visit, and all evidence of gray bat use, in the form of small guano piles, had been washed out. Bat use was modest -half a dozen or so big browns and a pipistrelle or two. Ter restrial invertebrate life was dominated by lots of Meta spiders. Stream invertebrate life was quite copiou s, perhaps owing to the infusion of fresh flood debriS The flooding has distributed more trash through the cave, including several tires.

The cave seems to have a diverse fauna but no formal in ventory or survey has yet been undertaken March , There was a multi-day effort for the ONSR public use caves project involving a class from Southeast Missouri State University led by Scott House and Bill Eddleman. Mick Sutton organ ized the biosurvey aspects of this. The highlights were the discovery of additional specimens of the new troglobitic beetle, one each from Branson and Round Spring Caves.

April 1. The low stream passage split into small branches, both of which ended quickly, but a parallel dry upper level complicated the survey some what. The total length of this rather unusual cave was ft We also did some follow-up bio-survey. The main purpose of this trip was to locate additional small caves on MTNF land in the hollow upstream of the cave Four new caves were found, which remain to be inventoried and mapped April 10, : Three crews worked on Marvel Cave, Shannon County.

Bob Osburn, Andy and Ainia --did some difficult sketch work to fill In the mid-levels of the big room. Dan Lamping, Kim Chiles and Tony Schmidt surveyed in the mazy lower level of the main cave, leading down to the stream passage.. This popular "spelunkers'" cave had been broken into since our last trip, and the lock was missing.

As expected, th. May The cave is an abundant archaeological site and for good reason The entrance points west and catches the late afternoon sun There is plenty of flat floor for sleeping space. The karst window or pit entrance pro vides a natural chimney underneath which have been built many fires over time.

A small stream passes through the back of the cave, but sinks and reemerges below the cave, providing a constant water source. The cave would have been a perfect habitation site for long or short-term usage. The name probably derives from some Civil War-era usage by ne'er do wells. It would have been a good hideout and camp site. It may also have been used as a bootleg still site The entrance is all midden, which has been dug in by illegal excava tors Cultural material chips, bone and pottery is actively washing out of the disturbed midden Cave life was sparse, with crickets and unidentified spiders in abundance One very dead object was located but could not be identified June 2, : During an Eleven Point float trip Gary Johnson, Wade Baker Conor Watkins, Steve Potter, Brian Payne and Ben Johnson checked some leads in Little Hurricane Creek MTNF, Oregon County and did some supplemental cave inventory.

They found Poison Ivy Cave, a small new cave, about 60 ft. They found that the cave extended beyond the limits of the CRF survey. Conditions were apparently much drier than during the earlier survey, and they were able to enter approximately ft. Pyramid Cave previously known was mapped for a length of 8 51 ft The cave has an interesting main passage with some speleothems.

Sidewinder Cave, newly discov ered in the same area, was only 20 ft long. We started to tackle the upper level mess. This is a complicated multi-level maze of small, crawly canyons that overlie all of the main trunk with numerous sometimes airy intercon nections back down to the main passage.

It is quite nasty to survey, and we managed only about ft on this trip. There is at least twice as much still to be mapped Some of the area we mapped this time had not been entered before One unusual biological obser vation was a Photurus sp firefly drowning on a dark zone pool surface. There are only two previous Mis souri cave records for fireflies.

The main ob jective was to try to locate additional specimens of the new troglobitic beetle we had discovered in both caves. The walk in to Branson Cave was longer than usual as there was a tree down across the road about a mile back from the cave. We carefully checked all bait stations, guano piles and other areas where the carabid beetles may be expected, but drew a blank We did collect additional biological data. We proceeded to do the same thing in Round Spring, with equally negative results.

The theory that the troglobitic carabids would be more abundant when outside conditions are hot and humid is not looking too promising July 29, A survey and bioinventory crew Bob Osburn, Dan Lamping Tony Schmidt, Mick Sut ton and Sue Hagan worked on Carter Cave, a large, multi level cave on the MTNF in Barry County Southwestern Missouri The lower entrance, nor mally sumped, was open and blowing air.

Mick and Sue went in that way to inventory the entrance pas sage, then returned to help Bob map the wet entrance while Dan and Tony took the dry way in, rigging and mapping the 70 ft. The lower entrance passage remained quite wet for ft with minimum airpace about one foot, more generally about 2 ft.

The two surveys were tied together by Bob Tony and Dan, who then continued the upstream survey while Mick and Sue went off to inventory the rest of the cave. The cave is another of the area's enigmatic mining sites -a good deal of in dustrial archeology remains, including wooden shor ing, remains of wooden platforms, a wheelbarrow, old batteries, oil cans a pump, lots of blasting cord, shot holes etc.

Wildlife included three species of salam an der and stygobitic isopods but reports that the cave may be a fish site were not confirmed it seems like PAGE 9 an unlikely fish stream, and indeed, we saw no such. The most remote section of the cave is entirely exca vated, and none too stable. This time they were abundant. Interest ingly, there seem to be two distinct populations -a larger, heavily pigmented population in the main stream at the Middle Entrance, and a smaller, almost unpigmented population in an inlet passage at the River Entrance.

The same inlet also had large numbers of small Caecidotea isopods not previously recorded for Jam Up Cave. Probably it's a transitional bat cave in fall only In a side passage in the upstream Middle Entrance, just in total darkness, were several small clusters of gray bats, II bats in total the first time gray bats, as op posed to guano have been recorded for Jam Up They had not been there long, as there was almost no fresh guano beneath the roosts In Bunker Hill Cave census areas were counted and macrofauna noted from the entrance to just above the waterfall, not far into the dark zone One surprise was the paucity of stream fauna.

No Fontigens snails were seen this time, although they were abundant in Jam Up Cave So seasonality in Fontigens is appar ently not a simple matter of the calendar date. The sand-bottomed rimstone pools had large numbers of small Eurycea salamander larvae evidently, the pools are a breeding site. Another slightly surprising find was the presence of two big brown bats in twilight. There were a few sala mander larvae and one adult cave salamander in the Pit Passage pool. August 20, Andy Free and others did a fol low-up trip to Merrill Cave MTNF, Pulaski County They found visitation problems continuing with more digging in the entrance midden and below the entrance along the stream.

The course had been rearranged to take place earlier in the season than the last several years so there was no problem with poten tially disturbing Indiana bats this time. We took the 9 seven participants slowly through the first m of the main passage together with the whole of the first extremely gloopy side passage examining critters and wildlife signs along the way Along the main trunk were about half a dozen areas of relatively fresh guano, mostly underlying small ceiling domes at a guess, a couple of dozen bats would be sufficient to account for the amount.

The only bats seen were two pipistrelles and two unidentified Myotis sp. We were also able to show some cave salamanders and a good deal of small-scale invertebrate biology. Genevieve County. The notion was to get the cave mapped and a general bioinventory done before hibernation season for the Indiana bats set in. We didn't quite succeed in this, as a cluster of bats were present at the left-hand end of the cave on the ceiling of a high dome much too high to see clearly, but were most likely Indianas The clus ter was about I I I 0 of a square meter.

If these were indeed Indianas, that would translate to about bats, comparable to the number seen last February, esti mated at There was a thin scattering of fresh guano beneath the roost, implying that the bats had not been there long The cluster was high enough and iso lated enough and already had a light shone at them that we decided to go ahead and get the map done, dealing with the longer right hand end first.

After fin ishing that, it took two shots and a splay shot to do the left end. We worked quickly and quietly, and were encouraged that the bats had not so far been aroused by having been spotlighted some hours earlier. The objective was to examine the long southern passage, which had not been looked at in previous surveys Deep glutinous mud made for very slow travel.

Conditions were relatively dry, with no stream flow and stretches with no surface water. This actually made for harder going, as the slightly drier mud was even more adhesive than the saturated mud. Food sources and consequently wildlife, were sparse We noted a few small larval Eurycea salaman ders and two larger larval grotto salamanders in the numerous static pools, also on the banks a cave sala mander and one that didn't quite relate possibly a!

Bat use was limited we saw a few pipistrelles and one long-eared bat. Flyways had small amounts of very thinly scattered guano The breakdown choke at the end had some air flow into it, but no wildlife indications at all of near-surface condi- PAGE 10 tions. Despite the unending slop the passage is very well decorated, including some nice patches of small helictites and some very unusual stalactiflat-like fea tures September 16, report by Bob Osburn.

I now understand the magnitude of the problem ifnot the total solution It consists of a north and a south passage with numerous connections, most too small for human traffic 2 We started from the final room of the maze and took the right hand lead first. It went about feet to a collapse termination Most of this was about body size or Osburn minimum-fit size with a final room about 20 feet across and 4 feet high This took us a very long time it was hard surveying especially with novice surveyors.

We surveyed a total of feet. A second short survey was done into an ascend ing 45 degrees crawl that goes up about 10 feet to a small dome chamber with a little f1owstone. Shijun Munns. Dan Jordan. Chungkong Art.

Abril Andrade. James W Johnson. Steven Ainsworth. Marcia Baldwin. Claude Monet. Kazimierowski Eugene. Sean Pavone. Leigh Anne Meeks. Eric Gendron. Ronnybas Frimages. Javier De La. Mitch Cat. Mei Xu. James DeFazio. Spacefrog Designs. Carol Leigh. Mieke Suharini. Tomer Eliash. View All Subjects. Similar Art. Each purchase comes with a day money-back guarantee. Search Type Keyword. Toggle Mobile Navigation Menu. Greeting Cards Spiral Notebooks.

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Below is a list of sources used to write and cited in the report of investigations at Zatopec.

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Binary options pro signals recommended brokers alliance They say the quality of content gives customers …. Carol Rollins; S. In Aspects of Palynology, edited by R. Culpepper Circle, Ste. Revista Brasileira de Paleonotologia 7 1 Donald Clinton Barton Memorial Edition.
Val bettinger bluff Sackett, James R. New York and Oxford. Gilbert L. Missouri Department of Conservation, Jefferson City. Lasswell; ,; L8, Park View Place, second addition. Dollar Tree Stores Inc.
Commercial bank qatar masters betting preview Revista Brasileira de Paleonotologia 7 1 Karl Hutchings Whither the Billet Flake? Universiteit van Amsterdam, Amsterdam. Owens, Paul M. Agriculture Handbook Republic Road ; business; 10, Lee, Richard B.
Nonbinary transition options Comparative Studies in Society and History Grana Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory Reitz, Elizabeth J. Crestview Ave.
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Val bettinger bluff Edward M. Delmas, Bordeaux. Routledge, New York Hawkes, K. Gershman Mortgage to Casondra L. Verts; ,; L70, Coppermill Estates. Madsen, pp.

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Relatives: Father of William Odis Bertelsman Relatives: Son of Odis William Bertelsman See also federal judicial profile. Relatives: Married, November 30, , to Nellie Pitkin. See also Find-A-Grave memorial. See also Minnesota Legislator record. Besley, J. Mayor of Waukegan, Ill. Burial location unknown. Relatives: Married to Zella Dunkin Relatives: Married to Frank Alden Besse. Image source: Minnesota Legislative Manual See also Wikipedia article.

Relatives: Son of Samuel Austin Besson c. Rufus Besson ? Relatives: Married, August 29, , to Mary Rankin. See also OurCampaigns candidate detail. Born February 10, Served in the U. Died May 27, age 94 years, days. Interment at Mt. Carmel Cemetery , Glendale, Queens, N. Image source: New York Times, October 26, Relatives: Son of Winer Bethel Relatives: Father of Livingstone Wellesley Bethel Relatives: Son of Bert A. Betts, Sr. Hoes Betts; married, October 16, , to Frances M.

CEO Chief Engagement Officer Val Ulstad, MD , is board-certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiology and practiced in academic, private and safety-net hospital settings for over 25 years, including as chief of a division of her subspecialty. Read more about Dr. Ulstad's work with Circles of Trust in health care, click here. A writer by avocation and profession with publications in the medical and general press including The New York Times Science Pages, Dr. Ogle is also responsible for written, visual and electronic materials for Partners at Cascade Bluff.

We are partners in life as well as in work, and are lucky enough to spend at least half of our time at a magical place called Cascade Bluff.


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Places to see, ways to modern, and tried and true. Merchant ; member of South October 26, Relatives: Son of Winer Bethel Relatives: Father val bettinger bluff Livingstone Wellesley Bethel Relatives: Son of Bert A. A mix of the charming, wander, and signature experiences. Relatives: Married to Zella Dunkin Relatives: Married to Frank Alden. Relatives: Married, August 29. Image source: Minnesota Legislative Manualto Frances M. Hoes Betts; married, October 16, Olivia Ann Mathews North. Sample dunross investment ltd trading on investment formula statistics uk. Image source: New York Times, Dakota state house of representatives 13th District, Died in Mitchell, Davison CountyS. Create a Trip to save and organize all of your travel ideas, and see them.