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Marc bettinger quanah rv

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Born May 1 , Enlisted 1 June 10, Grimm, Mother, r. Born July 26, Enlisted December 5, Naval Aviation Instructor. TED W. Home address: Okemah, O k f d e e County. Hampton, Sr. Born April 27, Enlisted July, Died December 7, , on board U.

Home address: Ardrnore, Carter County. Born May 16, Student electrical engineering three years, Oklahoma A. Army Coast Guard. Mary J. Harmon, Mother, Coweta. Born April 15, Enlisted February 12, Home address : Woodville, Marshall County. Evy Hartley, Mother, Kingston.

Born May 10, Enlisted April 15, PAUL F. Home address: Ponca City,' Kay County. Born June 2, Received his wings at Barksdale Field, Louisiana, April, Pilot 38th Bomber Group, 70th Squadron. Died March 20, , airplane crash, near Greenfield, Indiana.

M s Beulah Heltzel, Mother, Rt. Born February 1 , Enlisted October 10, Died August 7, , South Pacific. Home address : Maysville, Gamin County. Eunice Hewitt, Mother, Maysville. Born November 17, Enlisted December 4, Marine radio operator's school, San Diego. Expert with pistol. Died April 23, , airplane crash, Miami, Florida. Home address: Hennessey, Kingfisher County.

M s Mary Hill, Mother, r. Born November 15, Diploma in radio. Fireman, First Class, U 8 Navy. James L Eisgett,. Parents, Nebraska City, NebrssBa. Born August 17, Died December 7, , on duty aboard the U S. M s Frances Holasek, Mother, Prague. Enlisted January 12, Died October 7, , bomber crash, Nashville, Tennetme. Holsey, Father, Rt. Attended Oklahoma City schools. Trained for air corps, Chanute Field, Illinois.

Died July 7, , bomber crash, Wendover Field, Utah. Roland Hughes, Father, Alameda St. Born May 4, Called Auguat 16, JOHN F. Home address: Seminole, Seminole County. Mrs Olene C. Hunt Wife, North 17th, Lawton. Born December 13, Called to active duty Graduated Business Administration, University of Oklahoma, Johnston, Sr.

Born February 20, Enlisted November 26, Home address : Tishomingo, Johnston County. Enlisted February 10, Home addrw : Sterling, Comanche County. Keleher, Father, S e l n. E l s e February, Wu on the nitd. Died August 2 , , Panama Canal, Panama. James F. Kelley, Father, Seminole.

Born April 7, Enlisted August 9, Graduated Bowlegs High School; lettered in football and a member on the staff of school paper. Arbnay Pearl Harbor, Territory of Hawaii. Home address: Red Rock, Noble County.

Born July 22, Decoration: Silver Star Medal December 16, Member of Tonkawa Chapter of De Molay. Attended U. Member of the crew U. Roper on first mid-winter cruise of the U. Navy to Alaska, , a monument now standing on the shore of Resurrection Bay to commemorate this cruise. Member of the crew of U. Hammann, 1 on round-trip cruise Brooklyn, N. Lexington; 4 while doing rescue work and giving medical aid to the crew of the fatally crippled Aircraft Carrier, U. Porktown, in the Battle of Midway Island, June 6, , the Destroyer Hamntann was struck by a torpedo from an enemy raider and sunk.

Died June 6, , on board the U. Harnrnann, Battle of Midway Island. Hailey Kyser, Mother, Fredonia, Muskogee. Born September 28, Enlisted July 7, Home address: Shawnee, Pottawatomie County. Lamon, Mother, North Dorothy, Shawnee. Born August 22, Died August 15, , airplane crash, Pittsf ield, Massachusetts.

ROY E. LEE, JR. Home address: Calumet, Canadian County. Roy E. Lee, Sr. Born May 19, Enlisted September 10, Six months after the war will be awarded posthumously, the American Defense Service. S Naval Air Corps. Home address: Perry, Noble County. Letellier, Father, Birch St. Enlisted Member Christian Church. Principal duties ferrying airplanes from coast to coast. Died January 16, , airplane crash caused by ice when landing as instructed on Phantom Lake, near Abilene, Texas.

Born May, Served in Oklahoma National Guard. Stationed at Camp Barkeley, Texas. Died January 16, , airplane crash, Phantom Lake, near Abilene, Texas, with his brother, James Letellier, both returning to their respective duties from the burial of their brother. Home address: Weatherford, Custer County. Livengood, Mother, Weatherford. Born January 31, Stationed at Chanute Field, Illinois, serving as a squadron mechanic.

Died September 11, , in automobile accident, near McPherson, Kansas. Home address: Panama, Le Flore County. Gert,rude Locke, Wife, Panama. Born August 3, Enlisted June 22, Had first enlisted June 2, , in U. Naval Reserves. Died March 9, , Darrell Island, Bermuda. Home address : Muskogee, Muskogee County.

Elsie L. Bunch, Mother, Rt. Enlisted December 23, Died August 24, , in attack by enemy aircraft, somewhere on the Pacific. Home address : Seminole, Seminole County. Joe W. Luna, Father, South 8th St. Born January 7, Enlisted October 5, Home address : Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County.

Frank Lyon, Father, Norman. Enlisted December 27, Participated in six day battle of the Coral Sea. Fatally injured June 6, , at the finish of the four day campaign of. Home addresa: Nardin, Kay County. Arthur H. Enlisted January 1, Home address: Skiatook, Tulsa and Osage Counties. Silas Marshall, Mother, Portland, Colorado. Born September 8, Enlisted June 26, Marine Corps under command of Major James P.

Devereaux, U. Member First Presbyterian Church, Skiatook. Graduated Skiatook High School. Served on Johnston, Palmyra and other outlying islands constituting America 's first defense line. Arrived Wake Island in August, Died December 23, , Wake Island. Home address: Sulphur, Murray County. Matlock, Father, Sulphur. Born October 5, Died October 26, , on board U. Hornet, in the Pacific. Army Air r. Home address : Shawnee, Pottawatomie County. M s Willie. Mattox, Mother, North Kickapoo, Shawnee.

Born September 24, Enlisted September 1, Served in a reconnaissance squadron. JACK C. Home address: Ada, Pontotoc County. Born May 14, Enlisted November, Born October 24, Decoration : Distinguished Service Cross. Co-pilot in Battle of Midway Island. Memorial Plaque, Resthaven Cemetery, Shawnee. Died June 4, , Battle of Midway Island. Home address: Enid, Garfield County. Transferred from the British service to the U.

Joined office staff of Vacin Flying School, Woodring Field, Enid, serving as office manager to May 18, , when he resigned to enlist under the British Government as a ferry pilot with the Royal Air Force; commissioned as Second Officer and promoted a short time later to First Officer.

In October, , w s in charge of operations on a a flying mission, with the Eighth Air Force. Died October 19, , airplane crash, British Isles. Home address: Talihina, Le Flore County. Ethel McKosky, Mother, Talihina. Born June 12, Enlisted November 18, Home address: Durant, Bryan County. M s Katherine r. Mitchell, Mother, Shidler.

Born July 20, Enlisted April 20, Pre-law student at University of Oklahoma. Radio gunner on dive bomber. Died December 20, , in accident, San Diego, California. Home address : Tishomingo, Johmton County.

George S. Moore, Mother, Cornstock St. Born September 17, Enlisted August 2, Arrived Philippinea a few days before the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Marine Corps Reserves. Home address: Welling, Cherokee CounQ. Newton, Father, Rt. Born February 23, Enlisted May 28, Great-grandson of the late Judge Riley Keys, signer of the constitution of the Cherokee Nation, , and a judge of the courts Tahlequah District, Circuit and Supreme of the Cherokee Nation for many years.

Died January 31, , in the South Pacific. Home address: Poteau, Le Flore County.. Nored, Mother, r. Born July 27, Enlisted November 7, Served in Field Artillery from November 7, , to January 1, Graduated as flight officer from Ellington Field, Texas, November 10, Died January 6,, airplane crash, near Tallahassee, Florida. Home address: Eldorado, Jackson County.

Brewer, Sister, Eldorado. Born May 31, Enlisted June 10, Reported missing on May 7, Reported as Japanese prisoner January 30, , in the Philippines. Died June 1 , , in Japanese prison 1 camp, Philippine Islands.

Home address : Clinton, Custer County. India Ogle, Mother, Rt. Born August 15, Enlisted October 22, Norman T. Parents, North -Central St. Born February 17, Enlisted July 15, Graduated Okmulgee High School, Alonzo Pearce, Sr. Born November 5, Enlisted August 1, Member of high school and college bands. Served on U. Home address: Disney, Mayes County. Father, Disney. Enlisted January 16, Lewis W. Pitts, SF. Graduated Central High School, Muskogee, Radio operator U.

Home address: Poteau, Le Flore Countv. Pitts, Sr. Born November 6, Cadet in Air Corps. Died February 2, , airplane crash on night flight, Bedf ord, Virginia. Home address: Valliant, McCurtain County. Reynolds, Parents, Valliant. Born February 24, Enlisted October 24, Graduated Valliant High School, Had made rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade, but to outbreak of War had not received commission.

Frank Rider, Brother, Augusta, Muskogee. Born January 29, Home address: Boynton, Muskogee County. Mrs Della Leist, Mother, Boynton. Born October 23, Enlisted August 4, Naval Reserve. Home address: Gracemont, Caddo County. John Rogers, Mother, Gracemont. Born May 3, Enlisted June 16, Home address: Tuttle, Grady County. Rooker, Father, Tuttle. Born April 19, Died February 18, , St. John's, Newfoundland. JOHN A. Home address: Shidler, Osage County. Arlie J. Russell, Father, Shidler.

W n e r Flying Ekhool, Okmulgee, Oklahoma. Fatally injured in training airplane crash near Okemah. Home address: Wagoner, Wagoner County. Henry Srrndlin, Mother, Wagoner. Born February 19, Decoration: Order of the Purple Heart, Posthumously. Had entered the U. Army, September 15, , with mobilization of the National Guard. Transferred to Air Corps October 15, Radio operator on bomber. Schindler, Father, South Booth St. Enlisted December 8, Died January 23, , in the Pacific.

Home address : Guthrie, Logan County. Olive Fisher, Mother, South 16th St. Born May 12, Turret gun trainer. Serving on board U. Died February 4, , in action, Java Straits. Home address: Cement, Caddo County. Sirns, Mother, Evergreen, Alabama. Enlisted May 1, Junior a t University of Oklahoma; member A. Received wings and commissioned Brooks Field, Texas, December 10, Died May 27, , airplane crash, Lakeland, Florida.

BEN F. Home address: Vinita, Craig County. Slack, Sr. Born December 12, Enlisted July 14, Made instructor of advanced flying, Foster Field, Victoria, Texas. Died April 23, , airplane crash, Burleson, Texas. Home address :Cushing, Payne County. Gordon L. Smedley, Father, Irwin Ave. Worth, Texas. Born July 16, Enlisted December, Sailed from San Diego, California, January 7, Home address: Binger, Caddo County. Arthur Earl Smith, Father, Binger.

Born April 24, Enlisted July 2, Graduated Biager High School, Graduated glider pilot. Died Septem-. Home addre Norman, Cleveland County. Mw; Rufus and Smith, Parents, Rt. Enlisted February 5, Stationed with 45th Division, Camp Barkeley, 1 Texas. Home address: Albert, Caddo County. Smith, Mother, Albert. Born June 13, Enlisted October 19, After one year in the Navy, passed entrance examinations to the U.

Naval Academy, Annapolis, entering July 9, , and graduating June 6, Stationed on U. Died December 7 , , Pearl Harbor, Terri. M s Sabra Smock, r. Mother, South Rockford, Tulsa. Born October 28, Enlisted September 13, Highly commended for work at the machine guns, U. Astoria, August 27, , and later assigned to big guns. Graduated Tulsa Central High School, Member Oklahoma National Guard. Died August 9, , on board U. J, Spencer, Mother, r. Born March 22, Enlisted October 14, Died May 27, , in action, North Africa.

Home address : Chelsea, Roger3 County. Guy E. Stanley, Rt. Born November 29, Enlisted January 5, Died October 17, , Territory of Hawaii. Born June 26, Died October 12, , on U. Cruiser Boise, Esperance Bay, Guadalcanal. Naval Reserve.. Home address: Stillwater, Payne County.

Robert Stratton, Father, Ramsey St. Born February 5, Member First Presbyterian Church, Stillwater. College, School of Engineering, Stillwater. Died June 10, , naval airplane accident, Pensacoh, Florida. Home address: Healdton, Carter County. Thompson, Father, Brownston, Illinois. Born January 13, Enlisted October 8, Gunner, First Class, on U. New 2liezico before his transfer to submarine duty.

Born August 1, Enlisted February 28, Had enlisted in the U. Army, Febniary 26, , and served three years, for two years of this time as military police. Peary, Pearl Harbor, Territory of Hawaii. Navy, Home address: Shidler, Osage County. William A. Truax, Parents, Shidler. Born July 11, Asiatic service. Vesta Vassar, Mother, S. Anne H. Virgin, Wife, S.

Born January 4, Enlisted May 14, Jacob Jones, Destroyer; stationed in Iceland four months. Died February 28, , in the North Atlantic. Gault, Guardian, r. Born January 26, Enlisted December 7, Member Church of the Nazarene. Graduated Sapulpa High School, Served in a print shop, learning linotype.

Home address : Druwxight, Creek County. Dale Warner, Father, Drumright. Died February 6, , in airplane crash, returning to field on. Home address : Duncan, Stephens County. Emma Weatherly, Mother, Mulberry, Duncan. Born December 29, Decoration: Air Medal, posthumously. Died February 24, , in airplane crash landing that saved the lives of his two crewmen, Panama Canal Zone.

Home address: Blair, Jackson County. Whitt, Rt. Born November 16, Died April 26, , in accident while attempting to anchor a naval balloon, Moffett Field, California. Born May 22, Enlisted September 16, Served in th Field Artillery, 45th Division. Died December 8, , in automobile accident, Haskell, Tesas.

James Woodall, Brother, Wagoner. Born April 29, Served in Company A, th Infantry, 45th Division. Davis, Mother, N. Enlisted June, I n basic training as pilot, Air Bclse, Lemoore, California. Died February 11, , in airplane crash, returning from routine training flight, Lemoore, California. Home address : Porter, Wagoner County. Susie L. Yochum, Mother, Hardtner, Kansas. Enlisted April 28, Died January 26, , in action, Philippine Islands.

Oklahoma War Memorial, Part 11, appearing in this number of The Chronicles, consisting of one hundred and eighty-two brief biographical sketches with the names of the deceased arranged in alphabetical order, was prepared from information received by the Editorial Department during the month of October, Part I consisting of one hundred and twenty-seven biographical sketches appeared in The Chronides for December, , with an introductory statement setting forth the plan for the memorial record.

Material for biographies of many other Oklahomans who have died in the service of their country since the bombing of Pearl Harbor has been received and placed as a part of the permanent records of the Historical Society, to be compiled and published in forthcoming issues of this quarterly magazine.

Acknowledgment is due the members of the staff of the Oklahoma Historical Society for their assistance in the work of the War Memorial. Among these, special mention should be made for the continued interest and aid of Rella Looney, Mabel F. Hammerly, Annie M. Canton, Laura M.

Messenbaugh, Louise W. Cook and the Secretary, Mr. James W. I n addition to the parents and relatives of those in the service from Oklahoma who have sent in data, acknowledgments are due others interested in the history of the State who have given their assistance to the War Memorial, including Major Charles D.

Nicholson, U. Max Chambers,. Superintendent of Schools, Okmulgee; 0. Paul Reasor, Past President, Aux. Mary Rogers, i s la Oklahoma City; Mr. Charles Lamb, Tulsa; H. Danner, member D. John B. Bkins,Mother, Rt. Enlisted June 19, Awarded his wings with his class, August 30, , posthumously. A r m y Air Corps. Andeel, Father, Wagoner. Born January 30, Enlisted January 8, Served with an intelligence group in North Africa prior to his transfer t a. Served on several successful missions, downing many enemy planes.

Wounded in aerial combat over Northern Italy. Died August 19, , North African area. Home address: Beaver, Beaver County. Rosa Mae Armstrong, Mother, Beaver. Born September 9, Enlisted January, Sewed in nd Infantry. Died September 12, , North African area. Baker, Father, N. Born May 20, Enlisted February 15, Home address: Hobart, Kiowa.

Baird, Father, S. Washington, Hobart. Born June 21, Enlisted January 30, Served in Torpedo Squad No. Home address: Walters, Cotton County. The Reverend and Mrs. John L. Bandy, Parents, Waynesville, Missouri. Born October 14, Died December 7, , in action on board U. Home address: Colbert, Bryan County. Rose L. Coffey Martin, Mother, Tremont St. Born January 12, Served in Engineers.

Home address : Tecumseh, Pottawatomie County. Flossie M. Barton, Wife, Tecumseh. Born December 19, Enlisted August 8, Graduated Tecumseh High School in class of Sailed from the United States November 28, Died July 2, , in Solbmon Islands. Mattie L. Bates, Mother, West 8th St. Born August 2, Served in 40th Engineers, C Regiment.

Died July 12, , North African area. Dale Beaver, Parents, N. Born January 16, Enlisted September 15, Served in Medical Service Department, 45th Division. JOHN J. Home address: Atoka, Atoka County. Consequently, some anthropologists and community advocates alike argue that such culturally and socially sensitive, and thereby, politically volatile information regarding Amerindian-induced environmental degradation and warfare should not be reported.

This admonition presents a conundrum for anthropologists and other social scientists employed in the academy or who work at the behest of tribal entities. This work documents the various ethical dilemmas that confront anthropologists, and researchers in general, when investigating Amerindian communities. The contributions to this volume explore the ramifications of reporting--and, specfically,--of non-reporting instances of environmental degradation and warfare among Amerindians.

Collectively, the contributions in this volume, which extend across the disciplines of archaeology, anthropology, ethnohistory, ethnic studies, philosophy, and medicine, argue that the non-reporting of environmental mismanagement and violence in Amerindian communities generally harms not only the field of anthropology but the Amerindian populations themselves.

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