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A betting vice president bettingsports lotterysweepor office pool if done pool betting definition work, is a form of gamblingspecifically a variant of parimutuel betting influenced by lotterieswhere gamblers pay a fixed price into a pool from which taxes and a house "take" or "vig" are removedand then make a selection on an outcome, usually related to sport. In an informal game, the vig is usually quite small or non-existent. The pool is evenly divided between those that have made the correct selection. There are no odds involved; each winner's payoff depends simply on the number of gamblers and the number of winners. True parimutuel bettingwhich was historically referred to as pool betting, involves both odds calculations and variable wager amounts.

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Bettinger grimod immobilier nice

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Different plates and dishes both large and small could now be used for each course, as could the cutlery. This would be laid out for each guest before the meal, in order of use from the outside to the inside, on either side of the first plate, with a folded napkin arranged on it. Cutlery differed depending on the type of food: large tableware for meat, with a sharp knife; smaller pieces with a special shape and a blunt knife for fish, and even smaller cutlery for cheese and desserts.

The dessert cutlery was placed behind the plate, parallel to the table edge and in front of the glasses. The knife was positioned to the right, with the blade pointing towards the plate, and the fork to the left — with the prongs facing downwards in France, upwards in England, as well as in the United States and in certain Bordeaux families on Quai des Chartrons and Cours Arnozan.

This, incidentally, explains why coatsof-arms and initials are not on the same side of the fork depending on which side of the English Channel they are to be used on — except in Scotland, where the French custom prevails. This difference goes back to at least the eighteenth century, but its origin is unknown. One thing is for sure: downward-facing prongs appear less aggressive than upward-facing ones.

Restaurants are now divided on the. Several glasses of different shapes and sizes would be laid out behind the plate, in which to serve the various wines. And ever since, porcelain manufacturers, silversmiths, and crystalware manufacturers have vied with each other in their creative efforts to make fine tables both beautiful and harmonious. Once the food has been enjoyed, the plate is removed from the right, along with the cutlery, which will have been placed diagonally on the plate.

In some cases, if several meats are served, the knife is not removed but instead placed on a knife rest, although this is not the most elegant method. During the nineteenth century, high society right across Europe adopted this method of serving and structuring meals. This was hardly surprising, in that all the royal courts and great restaurants had been serving French cuisine since the early eighteenth century, some Frederick the Great, for instance going so far as to employ French chefs, and having menus written in French, the only language used by the European elite.

To do so, he would use only his right hand, on which he would wear a white glove, handling the serving implements with great dexterity: using a spoon and fork facing the same way as flat tongs, facing inwards as round tongs, or held side by side to act as a flat serving. Les accords mets et vins sont enfin possibles. This method has the advantage of being faster than the French method, but does not allow the guest the liberty of helping themselves to the full extent of their appetite.

If there are not too many guests, large roasts of lamb, turkey, beef, lobster, or crayfish could be carved or cut after presentation, on a side or pedestal table. Desserts might be arranged on a side table right from the outset of the meal, adding an impressive decorative touch — a practice still to be found on occasion today in the case of croquembouche wedding cakes.

Restaurant practices have changed considerably over the past few years. In inns and bistros, it was long customary to place the food on the table in serving dishes — often oval so they would take up less space — and let the patrons help themselves. This is still the case in traditional restaurants such as Lipp, the Coupole, and the Balzar in Paris. Only large roasts were carved on a pedestal table, or sometimes on a heated trolley with a silver lid, such as the one still in use at the Train Bleu, the legendary Belle Epoque restaurant at the Gare de Lyon rail terminal.

Nowadays, it is increasingly the custom for chefs to have guests served by the plate. Their leading lights have travelled extensively, and have long been warmly received by their Japanese counterparts in particular. Benefiting from their insights, the latter have fully embraced the basics of French cuisine, and now offer their own talented interpretations of it, either in their home country or, in some cases, moving to France to do so.

At the same time, French chefs have become fascinated by the prevailing culinary rules and food presentations in Japan. The art of carving, colours, arrangements on plates or in bowls of all sizes and colours, and the cooking techniques have become sources of inspiration for them once back in their native kitchens. French chefs have also developed a taste for raw fish, soy sauce, wasabi, shiso, yuzu, matcha, wagyu beef, and so on. Unfortunately, they have not learned.

The results are imitations that are so superficial they are often upsetting or indeed ridiculous for the Japanese. For example, they sometimes mix anything up to a dozen ingredients in a recipe, festoon dishes with myriads of petals, shreds of herbs, various bits and bobs added with tweezers, and decorate plates with scraps of spices or tiny drops and blobs of multi-coloured sauces — whereas there are rarely more than three ingredients in most of the tiny, delicate dishes in Japanese kaseko cuisine.

These chefs are intent on each individual plate of food being their own individual work of art, so much so that patrons end up waiting a long time between courses. This in turn means that the waitstaff do not need to be as skilled as before, and that fewer are needed; all they have to do is put the dishes down, sometimes after removing a cover, and reel off the long list of ingredients.

This trend is also the despair of wine waiters; no wine can be a perfect match for such a cacophony of tastes. Meanwhile, tableware manufacturers and artisans along with porcelain and silverware manufacturers have recently begun to attempt all sorts of initiatives — with varying degrees of success. Setting plates are often wildly imaginative, such as those used at the Jules Verne restaurant at the Eiffel Tower. Plates and bowls of all shapes, sizes, textures, and colours soon follow.

The cutlery is sometimes difficult to hold, the worst culprits being meat knives; all too often, these are too clumsy and heavy. Glasses can be huge, perched precariously on stiletto-like stems: they allow wine waiters to empty bottles and renew orders more quickly — one way. Ils passeront et il suffit de choisir ses restaurants pour ne pas les subir. Fortunately, such faux pas are not widespread and are little more than passing fads; all the discerning gourmet needs to do to avoid them is choose the right restaurant.

Of course, French. Chefs also need to be able to remain humble, and above all be motivated by the desire to please. Tout le monde peut le pousser, jeter un regard indiscret. Rares sont ceux qui peuvent le franchir. Anyone can twitch that curtain aside to take a peek at what lies beyond, but few are able to actually go there.

Il faut laisser le temps au temps. Un exemple? Le calendrier chinois. That hand holds within it a historic heritage, gestures that have become second nature — in short, three centuries of watchmaking tradition; not the kind of thing that can be rushed. Even the most highly-industrialised firms have a dedicated department, usually in a separate part of their facilities.

One such brand is Blancpain, whose complications workshops are clustered together in a mountainside farm at Le Brassus, Switzerland — home to three floors of master watchmakers working away on non-standard complications. Take the Chinese calendar, for instance. As well as hours, minutes, and the Gregorian calendar, this also features the main aspects of the Chinese calendar: traditional double-hour markers, day, month with indication of leap months, and the signs of the zodiac, as well as the five elements and the ten celestial stems, combined with the twelve animals of the zodiac that are central to Chinese culture.

In all, there are hand-assembled components. Indeed, the number of components in a caliber is good, basic indicator of how complicated it is. The L. Full Strike is a minute repeater: when the pusher is activated, a two-note chime instantly announces the time, dispensing with the need to even look at the watch. The only solution was to hear it instead — by having a watch that rang it out.

The minute repeater no longer serves a useful purpose on a day-to-day basis — but it certainly provides horological aesthetes with plenty of refinement. By helping watches compensate for the effects of gravity, this component makes them more accurate. Full Strike de Chopard ne dira pas le contraire, avec ses composants But who cares?

Some firms, such as Tag Heuer, have produced more affordable versions, while others have kept it as an exclusive feature, with independent brands taking up the challenge. Meanwhile Ateliers Louis Moinet, named after the inventor of the chronograph himself, have given it a more poetic vocation: two tourbillons rotate in opposite directions, powering a rotating disc bearing genuine fragments of Mars, Mercury, and the Moon; the first interstellar complication, perhaps?

Although the calibers powering these watches are cleverly hidden away beneath dials decorated with many different forms of craftsmanship, they are genuine complications, with the most complex being produced by Agenhor, an independent, Geneva-based workshop.

Pressing the pusher on this watch appears to halt time itself, with the two hands stopped dead on the dial, even as the caliber continues to function: when the pusher is pressed again, the correct time is displayed. Que lui reste-t-il? As they craft precious stones to express all the beauty of flowers, jewellers become gardeners. David Morris, the English jeweller with the oh-so-British style, has been elegantly growing precious flowers right from the earliest days.

Drawing inspiration from the natural grace of the delicate flowers that bloom in the gardens of that sceptred isle, it has nurtured its world of botanical jewellery with all the patience of a suitor. Two floral lines, Miss Daisy and Petite Palm, characterised respectively by diamond petals and bright colours, exude all the tranquil beauty of flowerbeds.

Petite Palm, for its part, brings together bursts of colourful vegetation of all sorts, featuring aquamarine petals, green and pink tourmalines, amethysts, and diamonds. Meanwhile Isabelle Langlois, jeweller of many colours, never tires of decking out her creations of bouquets in exuberant shades. Her universe resembles a garden of gems — a place where poetry, nature, and colour commune together.

She pays sensitive tribute to the fragile, ephemeral beauty of flowers that have just a few days in which to express their splendour. The gems restore them to life, transforming rings, necklaces and drop earrings into imaginary flowers, their petals encircled by colourful stones. Certain jewellers have formed such strong ties with a single flower that it becomes part of their history, sometimes even a stand-in for their name; the Yves Piaget rose is a case in point.

For its part, Buccellati is especially attuned to meticulous metalwork, adding delicate daisy emblems to its cufflinks, while Ole Lynggaard, the jeweller from the frozen north, loves the modesty of the wild rose, highlighted in pearls and diamonds. Gabrielle Chanel has often associated its elegance with the discretion of the camellia, its favourite flower — now a hallmark of the brand and a distinctive motif in its watch and jewellery collections.

Cartier, on the other hand, has developed a passion for the cactus, dedicating a lively, colourful collection to the shrub. Comment tenir fringant le plus vieux restaurant de Paris? I liked it, although admittedly it had quite a strong taste. Un poids lui tombait dessus. I made a lot of mistakes at first, but less so as time went by.

It was time to start having even more fun Built like an ice-hockey player his mother is Finnish , Terrail is bursting with projects to keep his restaurant right up to date without compromising its image of elegance — or its quest for excellence. Living life at a breakneck pace, he nevertheless spends one weekend a month in the family home, in the middle of the countryside not far from Helsinki.

My idea of a successful life is being able to party in Paris in classy settings — and then go out to cut wood in the forest, or go off alone in my boat to fish. The place you live is somewhere you can invest in; somewhere to indulge your whims like nowhere else. And to make it really yours, you need the right furniture and accessories. Just as in fashion, accessories are what makes the difference in a house — and as consumers become hyper-connected, they are increasingly becoming their own interior designers, too.

Their homes are their space for freedom and expression; somewhere they can leave their own mark. Les formes se galbent et se font enveloppantes, rassurantes et protectrices. Encompassing, reassuring, and protective curves are emerging everywhere. Soft materials add to the sense of wellbeing, while brighter colours add domestic warmth. Contemporary comfort is all about consolation; creating a warm atmosphere in every room using everything from delicate light fittings to walls done out in bright colours or evocative wallpaper, via flooring finished out in carpeting and acoustic carpet tiles by Balsan, the creator of.

Hygge is how the Danes describe the supreme happiness of feeling really at home, and now there are infinite ways of achieving it and brightening up the winter months: throws, soft cushions, and sensual ceramics as the setting for steaming tea and candles are all must-haves. Softness linens, powdery colours, and gentle lighting , simplicity Scandinavian furniture , and communion with nature earthy materials such as wood, skins, and furs are bringing together elegance and refinement in our interiors.

Upholstered seating is becoming more comfortable — and suitable for relaxation. Consumers are invited to sink gratefully into sofas that look as snug as duvets and eiderdowns such as the taupe velvet one from Cinna , Cloud armchairs from Design House Stockholm, soft felt-covered chairs from AP Collection, or fur-upholstered seating from Kave Home. The Art Deco movement — suitably revised and updated in line with contemporary fashion — is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for decorators, evocative of the opulence of the Roaring Twenties.

Designer and interior decorator India Mahdavi has taken velvet on board too, sometimes to add sophistication, sometimes to dazzle, in the two collections she has devised for Pierre Frey and Monoprix. Meanwhile, her bright and. Emerald green, deep purple, terracotta, bright yellow and the like are tastefully combined with just the right materials to help make a house a home. Then too, there are connected objects providing helpful home automation in the form of customised lighting, background music, and all sorts of other comforts.

This much is clear simply from the fashion shows: once again this winter, leading designers such as Saint-Laurent and Balenciaga have given tartan pride of place in their grunge wardrobes. Even the likes of high street fashion houses — Ralph Lauren, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Tartine et Chocolat among them — are making room for it, and not only on clothes.

Tartan now appears on accessories such as. This woollen fabric with colourful check patterns, typical of Celtic countries and more especially the Scottish clans, has enjoyed widespread success in the fashion world since the s. Vivienne Westwood was one of its pioneers, reinterpreting the elements of British tradition season after season in endlessly different ways, some of them rather eccentric, some of them verging on the provocative.

That said, the concept was not entirely new: the Burberry Check, one of the best-known motifs in the world, first appeared in the s in the lining of the Burberry raincoat. COLOURED STRIPES Indeed, the ancestry of the pattern — characterised by alternating coloured stripes and colourful wool threads, repeated vertically and horizontally to form a clever pattern made up of lines and squares — can be traced as far back as the third century, having been found on an earthenware pot from that time.

For centuries, tartan was part of the daily clothing of the inhabitants of the Highlands of northern Scotland. After the defeat of the Scottish Jacobites by the English in the mid-eighteenth century, wearing tartan was banned. It did not reappear until much later, in around , thanks to a combination of photos, notes left by weavers — and the visit of King George V to Edinburgh dressed in a Scottish tartan kilt. At that time, the pattern became a symbol of royalty and nationalism.

Gradually, tartan became a way of people asserting their identification with a clan, town, official event, or even a personality: the Royal Stewart is the official tartan of Queen Elizabeth II. In the s Richard Duclos, a great fan of kilts, even came up with a Breton tartan; this combines black, white, green, and blue, and features nine small white squares that symbolise the nine local Breton pays regions.

Thereafter, each of these pays has lost no time in designing its own pattern, each duly registered with the Scottish Tartans Authority. Indeed, this marks a fundamental difference from the run-of-the-mill check prints with a shortterm lifespan created by designers: proper tartans have genuine official status.

A gift box holding two organic products made with royal jelly: a light face cream with an almost imperceptible scent and soft texture, and a masque des reines face mask. Just the thing to refresh the skin thoroughly. Leur petit format les rend transportables partout. Now you can do a full manicure at home! A cleansing face mask — featuring fresh, pleasantlyscented Japanese Matcha green tea.

As well as exfoliating properties that improve skin texture, it tightens the pores and brightens your complexion. This intense nourishing cream is enriched with organic honey and cocoa butter, and is suitable for both men and women.

With a fluid texture, the cream quickly penetrates the skin, leaving it soft and perfectly moisturised. The exhibition portrays glimpses of life captured by the artist amid various types of framing and innovative angles, each picture embodying a unique quest for light and colour. The result is an aesthetic revelation free from the bonds of realism - this photographer's shallmark. Des mondes de calcaire — truffeau —, de craie ou de fossiles.

De tous temps, les caves fascinent. Like English caves, French caves have always been fascinating places — hidden, secret, mystical, laden with history. And besides, caves have everything to do with the sacred art of winemaking. We take a closer look at some remarkable underground spaces in France, in which the history of mankind has echoed that of geology.

Worlds where the rock needed to be soft enough for men to quarry — thus unwittingly creating a whole universe whose multi-faceted destiny has played out through the centuries. Unlike English caves, French caves are the result of human labours. Tufa stone was quarried here from as early as the Gallo-Roman period, firstly in open quarries and then from small adits, and used to build monuments. However, it was not until the fifth century that the Merovingians began underground stone quarrying in earnest, resulting in the first large caverns.

These quarry-workings expanded hugely in the twelfth century during the great age of cathedral-building; still more were excavated to build the castles of the Kings of France, the result of the architectural and artistic phenomenon of the Renaissance.

Later, in the nineteenth century, on the other side of France, as champagne began to become popular, chalk was also being extracted from underground quarries in the region of the same name — and today, the most imposing caves of local champagne producers are to be found in these former chalk quarries. For its part Rochecorbon, not far from Tours, is home to many troglodyte dwellings — and AOC Vouvray wine producers quickly grasped the benefits of maturing vats and barrels of wine in tufa caves.

As a backdrop to all this, the life and works of Saint Martin of Tours, Apostle to the Gauls, are depicted in carvings on the cellar walls. With its bottles quietly ageing in the dark, far from the madding crowd — and at a constant temperature all year. Stone was quarried there from the sixteenth century onwards; today, it too is a wine cellar. And this particular winery is just the tip of the iceberg: in all, there are some 1, kilometres of similar underground tunnels in the Saumur region.

Eleven million years ago, this area was coastal, and boasted a subtropical climate. The sea left behind large amounts of sediment consisting of coral, molluscs, and maerl. Unlike limestone, falun is formed by a succession of thin layers, each laid down by a tide.

Further afield, at Saint-Emilion near Bordeaux, a monolithic underground church bears witness to a similar progression. This huge place of worship cannot be discerned from the outside, since it is dug from the hill itself; 15, cubic metres of rock were removed to accommodate it. It owes its existence to a Breton monk named Emilion, who first built an oratory there.

After his death, this was enlarged, first into a monastery and later, in the eleventh century, into a church. Its structure — six bays separated by monolithic pillars — and its sheer size make it an outstanding site. What is more, there are even medieval catacombs beneath the church itself. Listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site, the church resembles early Christian structures in the Middle East — an indication that the Benedictine monks who settled there after returning from the First Crusade drew inspiration from their travels.

No list of remarkable underground spaces would be complete without a mention of the Champagne region and its chalk quarry-workings — and underground galleries in which the most prestigious sparkling wines in the world are stored.

Beneath the city of Reims lie passageways totalling no less than kilometres in length; Epernay has km more — the same as the combined length of all its streets. Millions of bottles are stored in these underground spaces that served as shelters during the two world wars. Retour sur une maison hors du commun. We look back at an exceptional firm. One hundred years later, they settled in the Russian capital of Saint Petersburg. In , his son, Peter Carl took over the business, quickly taking it right to the top.

He secured the hallmark of master goldsmith, allowing him to use his own, personal hallmark alongside that of the company. His name swiftly became a buzzword at the highest levels of the imperial court. And so it was that in , during an exhibition in Moscow, Tsar Alexander III himself came to order cicada-shaped cufflinks from the jeweller. He was a fervent Orthodox believer, and wanted to give the egg as an Easter present to his wife, Empress Maria, to symbolise the resurrection of Christ.

On opening this white enamel creation, the empress discovered a golden hen, and inside the hen a crown; beneath this was hidden a ruby egg. Seeing how delighted the. Over the years, these pieces became increasingly complicated and refined. After the death of his father in , the young emperor Nicholas II carried on the tradition — and decided to order not just one but two Easter eggs from the jeweller each year: one for his mother, the other for his beloved wife, Princess Alix de Hesse, who was to become Empress Alexandra Feodorovna.

Over a century later, only 62 of them remain: when Nicholas II and his family were arrested in , the ruling Bolsheviks decided to confiscate and sell the eggs, scattering them to the four corners of the globe. Each egg tells its own story; so much so that they now have both historic and artistic value. The surprises hidden in them are an invitation to follow the steps of the last Romanovs, and a lasting testimony to the splendour of the Russia of the Tsars.

The shell of the Coronation Carriage Egg, given to the Tsarina in by Nicholas II, conceals a miniature replica of the carriage in which the empress rode as she entered Moscow, where the Tsars were crowned. The Trans-Siberian Railway Egg, meanwhile, combines the use of gold, diamonds, enamel, and crystal — and features a miniature motor and ruby lantern.

The Rose Trellis Egg boasts a background of translucent pale green enamelled gold, decorated with emerald leaves; it is a souvenir of the birth of the long-awaited heir, Tsarevich Alexis: on the top sits a large diamond, used to open it.

The Standart Yacht Egg commemorates the majestic imperial yacht on which the Romanovs loved to holiday; an invitation to join a cruise with the imperial family. Then too, there is the Tsarevich Egg, which contains an ivory portrait of the 8-year-old prince; the Romanov Tercentenary Egg; and. Il meurt deux ans plus tard. These mementoes mark out a timeline spanning a significant chapter in world history. The final egg, Constellation, was never delivered to the Tsar: in , Peter Carl was forced to leave Russia, and died two years later.

Little surprise, then, that ten years on from its launch, a little brother should come along; in , the Macan arrived on the particularly dynamic segment of compact SUVs. The distinguishing feature of the GTS is its red brake calipers — the first indication of a decidedly sports emphasis.

The rear is pleasantly spacious, with room for three passengers — although anyone taller than 1. The 7-speed PDK automatic gearbox ensures swift gear changes without any loss of torque, making for a pleasant driving experience. The SUV boasts great roadholding; the chassis has been dropped 15 mm lower, and is fitted with a powerful electronic system to adjust suspension damping — the main benefit of which is that the Macan GTS sticks to the road, even with the twitchiest of drivers.

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A vendre - PORT GRIMAUD - Maison 3 chambres avec large amarrage de 14m et piscine (Ref. V312-903)

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SCP ERIC BETTINGER & VETEA GRIMOD has 10 employees at this location and generates $, in sales (USD). KJM IMMOBILIER. RETHEL. Grimod - Me. Marchand, Rethel. Highlights info row Prêt immobilier: L'assurance emprunteur se négocie aussi Home loan. Grimod - Me. Marchand, Rethel. likes Highlights info row Grimod - Me. Marchand · January 3 at Grimod - Me. Marchand.